Eva’s Byte #208 – Renewing Self-Belief

Although Easter is a religious holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus, the buck doesn’t stop there. Easter behooves one to reflect upon the themes of rebirth, reinvention, or renewal as deemed necessary by each individual.

For me, it’s renewing self-belief.

In what?

My capacity as a writer.


Because it’s so easy to get sidelined if you’re not grounded in the courage of your convictions. Hence, I’m renewing self-belief in my capacity as a writer who navigates the arduous course that comes with the territory of self-publication.


I will continue to take unsolicited advice from the so-called “experts” with a grain of salt.

I will continue to progress along my Work in Progress at my own pace, reaching “the end,” when my characters are ready, and not before.

I will continue to keep the faith that book sales are forthcoming as a result of the merit of my writing—without my offering them for “free”.

That said, I will continue to respect the opinions and practices of other Indies navigating their own rugged terrain the way they see fit.

I will continue to support fellow Indies by purchasing, reading, and reviewing their books. My TBR list is deep!

*Whatever your walk of life, may you continue to foster self-belief by any means necessary.

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Eva’s Byte #207: Alternatives

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary by the shores of Gitchee Gummee…  

(From: “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe and “The Song of Hiawatha” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Sitting behind the computer at my desk by the double-hung window in my office which faces the East Bay, I ponder from time to time the whys and wherefores of forging ahead as an Indie author. Keeping up the momentum on a daily basis to fabricate, write, edit, and promote are taxing and time-consuming. All the while, expenses and expenditures exceed royalties.

The thought of lounging on the sofa, eating bonbons, crosses my mind. Surely, I jest!

More enticing alternatives which fit my lifestyle spring to mind, such as hiking for days on end, or taking a spin class on a regular basis.


As far ahead of me as that light at the end of the tunnel may be, I’m too far in to turn around. In the throes of writing chapter 25 of my WIP, I want to see this novel to “the end,” whenever and however.

In my current state of mind, there is no other alternative but to forge ahead with my writing career.

Proof of that, in real time:

My guest author spot on “Anything Goes” hosted by Bennet Pomerantz:


*When the parameters of your artistic endeavors bog you down, what other alternatives strike your fancy?

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Our Author Gang

I’m one of several authors “around the world” who is a member of this awesome group–“Our Author Gang”!

Hope you’ll watch this short video to see the vast array of talent manifested in different writing genres.  There’s a book or two for everyone!



Eva Pasco
On the road, as in life—I accelerate!
My writing career accelerated after retiring from teaching inside the third grade trenches, whereby midlife restlessness prompted me to rekindle my passion for storytelling. Although I’ve published a nonfiction memoir collection, my preferred genre to roll up my sleeves is that of Contemporary Women’s Fiction, distinguished for its character-driven plots which feature flawed and feisty female protagonists over forty.

Mandy Eve-Barnett
Mandy Eve-Barnett is a multi-genre author writing children’s, YA and adult books. Every story has a basis of love, magic and mystery. Her passion for writing emerged later in life and she is making up for lost time. With seven books published since 2011 and two more launching 2019 and another two in progress, she indulges her Muse in creative as well as freelance writing. Mandy regularly blogs at http://www.mandyevebarnett.com where she encourages support and networking of all writers.

Cindy J. Smith
Cindy has written poetry, and with every experience in life, she has found inspiration. Wife, Mother and Grandmother, she has a myriad of beautiful memories to draw from. Never having been good at playing the part of “starving artist”, she has had many careers, but her current one, an over-the-road truck driver with her husband, Dave, has provided amazing opportunities for inspiration in her later years. Currently, Cindy is working on the follow up to the Caesar book and a “real novel” that she started in November when she participated in NANO.

Erika M Szabo
The founder of OAG
?I became an avid reader at a very early age, thanks to my dad who introduced me to many great books. The writing bug bit me much later, on a rainy afternoon, when I couldn’t find any new book to read. My daughter had enough of my moping around and snapped at me, “Mom, stop whining! If you haven’t a book to read, then write one.” Her challenge shocked me, but I started playing with the idea and I’ve been writing stories, that I like to read, ever since. I write speculative alternate history fiction, romantic urban fantasy, historical suspense novels as well as fun, educational, and bilingual books for children ages 2-14

Christina Weigand
Where dragons, princes and princesses find the magic.
Christina Weigand’s a writer, wife, and mother of four grown children. She is also Nana to five granddaughters. She lives with her husband and youngest daughter in Pennsylvania after a short sabbatical in the lovely state of Washington. She has three published YA Christian Fantasy novels; Palace of the Twelve Pillars: Book One, Palace of the Three Crosses: Book Two and Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Book Three. She also has a woman’s Bible study Women of the Bible: A Study published. Recently the first two books in a MG Fantasy series were published, Sir E. Robert Smythe and the School Bully and Sir E. Robert Smythe and the Lost Detective with the remaining four to be published the near future. Through her writing she strives to share the Word of God and help people young and old to realize the love and mercy He has for everyone.

Darlene Foster
Growing up on a ranch near Medicine Hat, Alberta, Darlene Foster dreamt of writing, travelling the world, and meeting interesting people. She also believed in making her dreams come true. It’s no surprise she’s now the award-winning author of Amanda Travels, a children’s adventure series featuring a spunky twelve-year-old who loves to travel to unique places. Readers of all ages enjoy following Amanda as she unravels one mystery after another. When not travelling herself, Darlene divides her time between the west coast of Canada and the Costa Blanca, Spain with her husband and entertaining dog, Dot.

Rick Haynes
Humour, fantasy and love have been my precious life companions for over fifty years. But writing about my experiences never occurred to me.
Yet fate is inexorable. Due to illness, I was house bound and bored. My wife suggested I write about my feelings. Within a few weeks, I was hooked. My new drug took over my life, urging me on, demanding my attention.
Drabbles, short stories, collections and novels, I’ve written many, and been proud of my achievements. And when folk enjoy my work all the effort is worthwhile.

Eric Klein
Eric is a lifelong science fiction and fantasy reader who has always enjoyed those stories that show how the science and technology can affect people’s lives. By day he works in hi-tech, lecturing on telecom security.
As he has done quite a bit of travel for fun and business, he has included events in the story that are based on personal experiences. For example, several years ago he accompanied his wife to an International Scientific Congress in Montreal. That particular week had several major events going on in the city. Other than the congress, there was a weeklong comedy street fair (Think jugglers, mimes, other performers, shows, and street art like a tree made out of circuit boards), and the North American Gay and Lesbian Choir competition. As you can see it was a very mixed crowd. Some of those events have been recreated in the story.

Rebecca Tran
I am a mother, author, and pharmacist. I love all things fantasy and science fiction. I write paranormal romance, sci-fi, and fantasy with a brief venture into horror. If you asked me to choose between Star Wars and Star Trek, I can’t, but the original 3 movies were the best and Next Generation is still great. I am currently working my way through Naruto Shippuden (only 400 episodes to go) so you can add anime fan to the list of my nerdy qualities. When all of my other activities don’t take up my time I bicycle, quilt or shop antique stores to add to my teapot collection.

Molly Neely
Molly Neely is the author of the Paranormal novel, The Sand Dweller, as well as a contributor to the anthology, Fall into Fantasy 2017. Her short story, An Heirloom Spirit, is one of 108 stories in the collection, CEA Greatest Anthology Written, which is currently a contender for a Guinness Book of Worlds Records title. Molly lives in Fresno Ca with her husband, Lyle and their Whippet, Devo.

Patty MacFarlane
Patty MacFarlane is an author of love stories from the heart. She writes tender and funny stories, some of which are based on her own life experiences. Others are totally fictional.
Patty expresses her thoughts on her about me page which can be found here:http://pattymacfarlane.weebly.com/about-me.html

and offers “A True Story About Angels” which can be read here: http://pattymacfarlane.weebly.com/blog
She is also a freelance editor.

Lorraine Carey
Lorraine is a retired children’s reading specialist, and an International Award-Winning Author. She has taught in the US and also the Caribbean. She was a city gal living in Orange County, California, until fate whisked her off to Grand Cayman where life was very different from the one she was accustomed to. Trading in her fashionable heels for flip-flops was quite a change, but led to a lifestyle that allowed for a writing career to flourish.
As of July 2018 she has moved back to the states and residing in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Her love for paranormal stories and urban legends began at a young age, when staying up all night to watch spooky movies or reading a scary book started a lifelong passion.
Lorraine is no stranger to the paranormal, as she has encountered many unexplainable events during her lifetime. Many of those events have been woven into her fiction tales.

Karina Kantas
Karina is a prolific author and writes in the genres of romance, YA, thriller, fantasy, horror, erotica, just to name a few. She lives on the Island of Corfu with her family and warped imagination.





Mary Elizabeth Fricke
Mary has lived her entire life within five miles of the Missouri River. She and her husband of 38 years have lived 35 of those years on a farm that has been consistently owned and operated by his family for five generations. A graduate of the Writer’s Institute of America and a member of the Heartland Writers Guild, she has published a number of articles in various forums and magazines and is a prolific ghost writer. Her stories, based in rural mid-western areas, concern the unique but quickly vanishing way of life on the family farm as well as other mysterious intricacies that evolve life from generation to generation. Romance is her preferred genre.

PJ Mann
Travel inspires my writing. That’s why I keep myself on the go.
“According to my internet search history, either I am a writer or I am a serial killer.”
genres: Crime/thriller
I am first of all a traveler who cannot live without having a flight ticket to the next destination. Traveling is an important part, not only of my writing life, as a source of inspiration, but also as a mean of personal growth. I enjoy writing thrillers to which I add my personal touch of introspection. From the misfit, to the hero, to the villain and the stand-byer, I feel like there is a bit of me in everyone. I tend to become very fond of my characters, although, some of them will be the next victim.
I live in Finland working as a geologist during the day and writing during the evenings/nights. I love photography and walking in the nature. I have big dreams, and one day I will catch them all.”

Keith Forsythe
Keith Forsythe had an early love of writing. While in high school, he had several poems published through local media. Then life got in the way. He enlisted in the US Navy and proudly served on the submarine “USS Tinosa”. He returned home, raised a family, worked hard, and forgot the catharsis and joy writing had brought him. Things went downhill for Keith. Slowly and surely. He battled depression and darkness until a car accident shook him from his apathy. Now he has moved to Canada. Married a very sexy librarian. And most importantly, reconnected with his love of the written word. His poems have frequently been featured on “The Dear John Show” and are being reposted throughout social media. His first published collection, Affection After Affliction, explores the darkness of his past and the love and happiness he has now found.

Alan Zacher
After many years of being a “struggling” actor in LA, I turned to writing. I have had two novels published: “I’m No P. I.” and “A Ghoulish Good Time.” I have had MS for serval years now; I know physical and mental pain; so I need much laughter to endure it. Hopefully, my novels do just that–give much laughter.






Eva’s Byte #206: A Change of Scenery

In my capacity as an Indie author, I take comfort in the daily routines that come with the territory. However, the agenda makes demands on one’s cognition and time: writing, editing, marketing, maintaining a presence on social media, reading and reviewing books (for me—those written by other Indies).

There comes a time when I need to escape the confines of my office. A native of Rhode Island, “The Ocean State,” bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and large bays and inlets to the east, offers a vast horizon for a change of scenery.

Without planning an itinerary to spend the day in Newport, or hop a ferry to Block Island, all I have to do is accelerate along the coastal route and choose my place in the sun by the sea in a matter of minutes.

While I fancy sitting on an Adirondack chair facing the ocean, my canvas camp chair will do in a pinch. After all, it’s not the chair that transports you to your state of bliss—it’s the scenery. The beach has always been my preferred escape hatch for the hypnotic rhythm of the waves and the serenade of seagull cries.

On my turf, a sanctuary unto itself for a brief interlude, intrusive thoughts from my characters are not allowed.

*Where are you off to?

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Eva’s Byte #205: In Recognition

An Indie author who strives to rise above the ashes of obscurity on a daily basis, there’s still no need for me to appear at my local supermarket incognito.

Having lunch with my mother earlier in the week at one of our favorite restaurants, the server asked if I was working on a new book. Her inquiry was a natural progression “in recognition” of my being an author.

Because recognition within the boundary of my native state of Rhode Island is so rare, despite its prominence of geographic features, historic landmarks, and regional culture in my books—I cherished the original memory of her recognition, three years ago!

I know you!

The server excitedly mentioned she recognized me on An Hour with Bob, a popular Rhode Island-based Cable TV show, recorded in real-time: 11/01/2016, pertaining to the launch of An Enlightening Quiche.


I was thrilled over her excitement, feeling like a celebrity for ten minutes. Another server also came over and confessed her desire to write. Far be it from me to dissuade anyone…

Now, here I am—two books later: 100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s and “Mr. Wizardo” from the anthology, Once Upon a Fabulous Time. Currently, I’m finishing chapter 24 of my WIP.

One never knows the ripple effect of face recognition garnered from the publicity of a local TV program or newspaper feature.

May every aspiring entrepreneur merit recognition for his/her labor of love.

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Eva’s Byte #204 – Dabbling

A newly published author in 2008, I prioritized increasing my visibility, while adding to my credibility, by binge-writing my way out of obscurity. One way I sought to do this—operative word “one”—was to hone in on growing up during the Sixties. I penned my first memoir, “A Mini Tribute to Twiggy,” and submitted it for publication at The Sixties Official Site over ten years ago.


At that time, the webmaster, Carl Hoffman, graciously invited me to write more, offering to set up my own page there. I eagerly accepted and turned out a memoir every week for approximately two years, contributing 100 in total.

At the urging of a friend, I compiled most of the original memoirs, give or take a few, into a nonfiction collection, published in 2017—100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s.

Here’s the aforementioned first memoir, pretty much intact as the original I submitted to the Sixties website:

#1 A Mini Tribute to Twiggy

“The Face of ‘66”—that’s what London’s Daily Express called Leslie Hornby (Twiggy) at the age of 16. Skinny, waiflike, hair chopped into a boyish cut, the modish ingénue became the world’s first supermodel, and at the same time, my heroic icon.

Twiggy allowed me to become a trendsetter my freshman year of high school. While most of my teen peers were ironing their long hair straight after the Beatles made landfall in America, it became Greaser passé for me to backcomb or rat tease my hair to dizzying heights. While most girls my age developed curves and began to veer into the fast lane, I was rake thin and bookish. Kids in my homeroom affectionately called me “Skinny Bones” or “The Brain.”

Twiggy’s debut on the model runway put everything in perspective for me. Suddenly, I transformed into one of the cutest kids in ninth grade sporting my new chic Vidal Sassoon haircut with a peek-a-boo wave, and showing off my fawn legs in fishnet stockings as I sashayed down the classroom aisles in miniskirts.

Today, Twiggy Lawson still offers us Sixties Chicks inspiration with her ethereal beauty, chic manner of dress, and super achievements through acting and singing. Twiggy herself is quoted as saying, “The Sixties were a time when ordinary people could do extraordinary things.”

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Eva’s Byte #203 – A Dab’ll Do Ya!

Part 1

A newly published author in 2008, I prioritized increasing my visibility, while adding to my credibility, by binge-writing my way out of obscurity. One way I sought to do this—operative word “one”—was to dabble in writing articles about my native state of Rhode Island (41 thus far), the setting for my novels in the genre of Contemporary. Since I incorporate historic landmarks, geographical locations, and regional culture/cuisine in my stories, this endeavor aligned itself nicely for expanding my author persona.

On that note, I’ll share one of my Rhode Reads, the subject matter of which will wend its way to my current work in progress, set in the rural community of Foster.

Rhode Read: RI’s Official Hotbed of Paranormal Activity (847 views at my web page, Authors Den)

An abridged version:

The Ramtail Factory Ruins

Deep in the woods of Foster, Rhode Island lay the ruins of the Ramtail Factory (Foster Woolen Factory). Founded by William Potter in 1799, and mysteriously destroyed by fire in the 1880s, it continues to haunt the hollows of a town fifteen miles from the capital city of Providence, situated on the extreme western boundary of Rhode Island, bordered by Killingly and Sterling in Connecticut.

Lure of the lore:

By 1813, William Potter expanded mill operations and made son-in-law, Peleg Walker, a partner. Walker, no pun intended, walked the beat as a night watchman, holding onto his lantern while making his rounds to all the buildings, and pulling the cord to sound the bell in the tower to summon workers for the day shift.

Supposedly after racking up mileage on his shoes over several years, an argument between partners brewed. Purportedly Walker retorted to the gist that “one day they’d have to grab the keys from a dead man.”

As prophesized, on May 18, 1822, Potter walked into the factory and found his son-in-law had hung himself from the bell rope with the keys visibly hanging out of his pocket.

Shortly after his demise, strange events occurred: the bell tower struck at the stroke of midnight though no one pulled the cord, prompting replacement of the bell; the townspeople witnessed the mill running without anyone operating it, whereby the water flowed in the opposite direction of the stream; the apparition of Walker making his night rounds holding a lantern; the mysterious fire.

Most of the villagers fled town in fear of the mill. Visitations by The RI Paranormal Group document both audible and physical manifestations as well as photographic confirmation which more than confirmed the area is quite active – “The feeling of being watched closely and followed is a given at Ramtail Factory!”

You Tube Video: Haunted RI – Ramtail Factory (6:17 duration)


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Eva’s Byte #202 – The Spin

A writer whose primary genre is that of Contemporary, I take pride in blurring the line of demarcation between fact and fiction throughout the storytelling process. I surmise many writers of fiction strive for the same, and take great pains to do so.

For me, this is achieved through research, ranging from pragmatic to perverse topics of interest.

This week, my spin revolved around a benign Internet search regarding my WIP. Chapter 23, a segment delving into the past—the spring of 1950, necessitated I research popular songs of that year.  I even delved so far as to check the month of release, predicating that I cite a few released in 1949 for on-point accuracy.

Authenticate! Authenticate! Authenticate!

Boo hoo! No Elvis Presley or Connie Francis!

Of fascination to me:

On March 31, 1949, RCA Victor introduced the 45 rpm record, 7 in. across with a 1 ½ hole in the middle. It became the industry standard.

Unbeknownst to me:

From 1949 – 1950, RCA color coded their vinyls:

Black – Popular Music

Ruby Red – Classical and Opera

Cherry Red – Blues and Gospel

Green – Country

Yellow – Children’s records

Midnight Blue – Show tunes & Popular Classics

Sky Blue – International

*Did any of the aforementioned make the cut in chapter 23? No!

Typically, I only use a tidbit or two of my findings for authenticating the spin I’m in. Ironically, I did mention, matter-of-factly and nonchalantly, something not stated in this blog:

Frankie Laine’s “Mule Train”



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Eva’s Byte #201 – Copycat!

I’m proud to be an Indie author, one of many who “writes my own books,” while fame and fortune elude me. Basically, I’m thrilled God gifted me with the ability to string words, because I can’t carry a tune or draw for beans. Post-publication, I’m grateful for each sporadic sale and book review. I also cherish the comradery in the author community which is based on mutual trust and respect.

Hence, I’m totally baffled by the recent copy/paste plagiarism news bite brought to light.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” (Charles Caleb Colton).

Copycat is more like it!

Without getting into specifics, or railing against such a reprehensible act of treachery and theft—I question why anyone would go to great lengths to piece together an entire book predicated on pretense. If writing isn’t your strong suit, in all honesty—pursue a legitimate interest.

Hither come I from my own perspective:

Must be the perks associated with being a writer. Ha! I’ve yet to build a fan base from “people I know”. I’ve yet to be recognized at my local supermarket.

Must be the money earned from royalties. Ha! At eBooks priced under $5.00, I’d need a slew of sales to undercut expenditures on printer ink and contest entry fees. Imagine if I invested in book marketing ads!

For real: A true writer sheds blood, sweat and tears during the excruciating creative process from start to finish—whenever. That’s the glory behind a story!

For me, there’s no greater satisfaction than fabricating a story fanned by the windmills of one’s mind. Even better? Someone likes what I wrote and tells another they should read my book. Priceless!

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Eva’s Byte #200 – Bicentennial “Best of” Blog Bytes

In celebration of my 200th blog milestone, I’m citing excerpts from five of my favorite Blog Bytes—every single one originally published on my web page at Authors Den (2015 – 2019).  By the way, the bytes I’ve chosen have nothing to do with my writing career.

Eva’s Byte # 19 – That Which Kills Me!

If I weren’t concerned about health risks, impaired judgement, premature aging, an expanding waistline, tarnished reputation, threats to my well-being, serving prison time, financial ruin, compromising longevity, or suffering my soul to eternal damnation—you can be sure, I’d embrace hedonism wholeheartedly by indulging in that which kills me and makes my life worthwhile! A for instance:

I’d beef it up by eating Texas burgers more often, enjoying the sumptuous repast of ½ lb. ground sirloin topped with melted cheddar, bacon slice, onion ring, and barbecue sauce on a bun.

Honky tonk dives, here I’d come—those joints from yesteryear where smoking and drinking were suitably mated until ordinances took effect nationwide in every public place. I didn’t smoke or drink in excess, but loved the ambience. Go figure.

Eva’s Byte #22 – Swingers!


The 1961 album by Frank Sinatra which included only up tempo swing numbers, one of them “Ring-a-Ding-Ding,” is an apropos opening for the swingers I’m about to zing.


I’m referring to those callous, careless, cowardly individuals who leave behind their anonymous calling card of a ding or scratch on your vehicle, adding insult to injury from the forceful, wide-arc swing of their own car door when getting in or out of their heap of steel parked next to yours.

 Eva’s Byte #35 – Leopard

The spotted leopard print is both bold and timeless, as attested through our cruise down memory lane. My sister and I recalled the numerous times our Aunt Evelyn chauffeured my mother and us two kids around in her 1959, coral and white, batwing Impala, invariably wearing her leopard coat in winter.  Spreading the conversation forward, my cousin Gail remembered her mother, my Aunt Angie, had a leopard coat and matching accessories. The spots stop there! My cousin Deborah revealed that her mom, my Aunt Viola, wasn’t a leopard aficionado.  While my mother admires leopard print, my sister and I never spotted leopard lurking in her clothes closet. However, she does have a pair of leopard reading glasses.

An animal pattern that comes in a variety of colors and iterations, leopard rounds out a wardrobe by adding glamour and sex appeal. Leopard must be worn in moderation. Paired or “pard” with black, it’s the cat’s meow!

 Eva’s Byte #42 – That One Thing!

Do you know what the secret of life is? (Holds up one finger)

One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean **it. (A Curly quote from City Slickers, 1991)

Enough said!

Eva’s Byte #45 – Letting Go

Letting go is not easy for me. If a fine line exists between hanging on to things and hoarding, I’m straddling the line by not letting go of things past their prime.  Not bearing to throw away pretty soap boxes, I incorporate them into my décor.  Reluctant to part with empty perfume bottles for their design and for the precious dregs trapped inside, my glass goddesses stand sentinel on a bureau.  Treasuring my vintage designer bags, I’ve tucked them away for safekeeping in a closet.

Forget about letting go of a grudge! Should anyone cross me, they’re crossed off my list.  There’s no crossing the Rubicon where I’m concerned.  A Michael Corleone character quote from The Godfather puts it succinctly, Sicilianly, and squarely – “You’re nothing to me now!”

Ciao for now…

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