Blog – Eva’s Byte #130: Pedal to the Metal

First, I’d like to wish my fellow Indies a Happy Indie Author Day which officially falls on October 14th this year.

Since my life, as it pertains to an Indie, is that of a whirling dervish, these cliches’ come to mind besides the one in my blog title: seize the moment; strike while the iron is hot; burning the midnight oil.

An Indie author, I’m grateful for every golden opportunity, so strike while the iron is hot in procuring author guest spots to stay in the public eye. I’m honored to have a feature in this month’s issue of Indie Publishing News:

I’m striking while it’s hot to officially launch my nonfiction memoir collection—100 WILD Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s (published – October 9, 2017) during my author takeover on Friday, the 13th from 8-9 EDT at The Indie Fab Festival event on Facebook:

Then, the real work begins with marketing and promoting a new book on the block. As you might imagine, my cognitive wheels are already spinning in anticipation and preparation. Next week’s blog will be the bearer of that news.

In the meantime, I’m putting the pedal to the metal to accelerate—even if it means I must burn the midnight oil to accomplish my goals.


Blog – “Eva’s Byte #129: COMING SOON!”

For an Indie author, it’s important to stir a hornet’s nest on social media for the purpose of creating a buzz about an upcoming book launch. A minimalist, I don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account, nor my own website per se, an author page on Facebook, or a monthly newsletter either.

Nevertheless, the playing field is leveled for all Indies during that initial step to promote a new book by announcing it’s COMING SOON.

Thereon in, an Indie can host an author event, and perchance, start a Thunderclap and/or Daycause campaign—which I intend to do.


COVER REVEAL & BOOK LAUNCH on Friday, the 13th between 8-9 PM EDT during my author takeover segment at an epic event in celebration of INDIE AUTHOR DAY for:

100 WILD MUSHROOMS: Memoirs of the ‘60s

At: THE INDIE FAB FESTIVAL (Oct. 13 – 15) on Facebook, hosted by Indie Fabs: Lyra Shanti, Aliya, DalRae, Renee Gauthier, Jeannie JB Richards, Joanne Van Leerdam, and myself.

The “Fab” concept initiated among the six of us is all about Indies supporting one another to help achieve our dreams. Therefore, the festival will celebrate this creed by inviting authors to share their books during the course of this event.

Virtual food and drink; BOOKS; related fun & Games—Let the party begin!

Interested? Going? ENTER HERE:



Blog –

Perfect fits Puttin’ on the Ritz

*(From a song written by Irving Berlin, first published December 2, 1929)

During the transition of summer into autumn, there were a number of book contests conducted within the Indie community to recognize read-worthy books in a wide range of genres. Those of us fortunate to win first, second, or third place have anxiously awaited our coveted merit badges to affix on our books.

On behalf of my characters in An Enlightening Quiche, I graciously and proudly display my badge commemorating the 2017 Summer Indie Book Award for “1st Place – Best Contemporary”.  Augusta has nudged me to proclaim the book an “Award-Winning Fiction”.   Definitely a nice ring to the bling!

A shout out to fellow Indie Fab author, Renee Gauthier, courtesy of RM Designs, for puttin’ on the ritz by affixing all the book bling my novel has merited since its first book birthday celebrated on September 20th, including a “Readers’ Favorite 5-Star seal” and “ATAI Fiction Finalist” badge. She not only did that, but created several banners too.

While I may not display my adorned book cover every day, on any single given day, I do cite one of my book’s achievements in an ad, along with the tagline, “Acclaimed Contemporary” or “Award-Winning Fiction”.

In my humble opinion, a published author’s finest achievement is that of enticing our target audience to read our book(s) and leave a review. Thus far, the carbon imprint reviewers have left behind for An Enlightening Quiche have bestowed the greatest honor of all!

Blog – Eva’s Byte #127: What’s Your RUSH?

An Indie author, I’m talkin’ about the rush of blood to the head which occurs when an Indie, metaphorically speaking, climbs to the top of Mount Rushmore—however or whenever that might be along an arduous journey to reach the summit of success.

In that regard, my sources for attaining a random, sporadic rush include:

A recent book sale

A new book review

An award:

An Enlightening Quiche recently won “1st Place – Best Contemporary” in the 2017Summer Indie Book Awards contest.

A feature author interview on blog radio:

DIALOGUE: Between the Lines with Susan Wingate – September 26th (10 – 10:30 AM EST):


Lo and behold, this week’s rush resulting from the ripple effect created by word-of-mouth in my native state of Rhode Island, which I attribute to author events at local libraries:

An acquaintance whom acquired a signed paperback of An Enlightening Quiche mentioned to me in passing that her mother happened to show her a book which she had signed out from the library. Mine! The gal then whipped out her own signed copy to upstage her mom.

I’m still feeling the rippling effect of that rush!

Blog – Eva’s Byte #126: Apples of My Eye

What Indie author wouldn’t trade off the orchard for a coveted book award?

Still stunned, overwhelmed, thrilled, honored and humbled in gratitude—my novel, An Enlightening Quiche, won 1st place for “Best Contemporary” in the 2017 Summer Indie Book Awards contest.  My sincere appreciation to family and friends for your votes to make this achievement possible. Congratulations to all winners in 25 categories.  To every nominee, best wishes moving forward.

Moving forward, through continuing what I love best—writing, one apple of my eye is that of launching my next literary endeavor dedicated to my grandnephew:

100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the 60s.

Having finished editing, revising, and incorporating each memoir, I’m in the final round of proofreading. My cover by R.M. Designs is FAB-ulous! It won’t be long before everything is in apple-pie order for publishing both eBook and paperback formats.

Other apples of my eye to behold are the following contests I’ve recently submitted paperback copies of my novel:

The 14th Annual “Best Book” Awards in the genre of Fiction – Chick Lit/Women’s Lit. (Winners announced November 2017)

The 2017 New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing – General Fiction. (Winners announced February 15, 2018)

Fast approaching its first-year birthday on September 20th, my novel has achieved literary merit throughout its coming-of-age: Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Seal, ATAI Fiction Finalist, and 2017 SIBA: Best Contemporary for a story whose setting is American as apple pie.


Blog – Eva’s Byte #125: Merci Beaucoup!

A fitting title for this week’s blog because my novel, set in northern Rhode Island’s fictitious, French-Canadian mill town of Beauchemins—An Enlightening Quiche— is one of the nominees for “Best Contemporary” in the 2017 Summer Indie Book Awards. Voting officially started at midnight CDT, September 1st.  You can vote once each day up until Sept. 11th.  In competition with many worthy contenders, I’ve been asking for votes to increase my novel’s chance of winning, by simply clicking on this link:

Therefore, to my family and friends who’ve shared my daily Facebook posts and/or voted for my book on any given day, or every day —merci beaucoup!

While I’m eager to win this coveted award, I’m just as industrious in voting for several books nominated in other categories. Likewise, I know other authors are doing the same. Although competitive, this voting endeavor is at best a collaborative effort: Indies Helping Indies. In that regard, here is the link for all SIBA nominees:

 Best wishes to every author as this contest winds down and we eagerly await notification of the winning nominees.

Blog – “Eva’s Byte #124: Happy FIRST Birthday!

On September 20th, my second novel in the genre of Contemporary Women’s Fiction, An Enlightening Quiche, will be a year old. Though the paperback version was available as of August 16th, the Kindle Edition went live at Amazon in September. I then created a universal Amazon link:

*In celebration, I’m hosting a Goodreads Giveaway contest open to US residents for the chance to win a signed paperback copy of the novel (September 1 – 30):

Leading up to my book’s first birthday, I’m proud of the recognition it has received along the way:

5-Stars from Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review:

 October 30, 2016 – UBR (Underground Book Reviews) congratulates Eva Pasco, author of our latest Pitch Perfect Pick winner:

November 8, 2016 – Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review:

March 7, 2017 – ATAI (Authors Talk About It) Fiction Finalist:

(2016 – 17) –  9 Goodreads/Listopia Ranks:

1st in Must Reads by New Authors

1st in Books Set in Rhode Island

August 31, 2017 – The book cover for An Enlightening Quiche, along with several others, were winners in OUR AUTHOR GANG’s “Friendly Book Cover” contest:

*An Enlightening Quiche is a 2017 SIBA Nominee in the genre of Contemporary. Voting officially starts at midnight CDT, September 1st. You can vote once each day from Sept. 1 – 11.   In competition with many worthy contenders, I’m asking for your vote to increase my novel’s chance of winning:

I am “September Author of the Month” at blog host, Janet Irvin’s, “The Write Side”. Short and sweet,inquiring minds may want to know my “favorite comfort or reward food”:

Coming Up:

I’m scheduled for two live radio appearances:

OFF THE CHAIN with Author and Radio Host, Yvonne Mason – September 9th (8-9PM):

DIALOGUE: Between the Lines with Susan Wingate – September 16th (10 – 10:30 AM):

In all honesty and sincerity, I attribute each opportunity along my journey post-publication and beyond to the support and encouragement within the Indie community. May each of us persevere to reach more potential readers and their valuable reviews for our books.


Memoir: A Way with Weeds

My dining room window on the second-floor apartment overlooks a concrete inground pool and the land behind the property’s fence line. Since my literary endeavors keep me confined to my office at the opposite end of my unit, any swimmers or sunbathers are out of sight and out of earshot—even those shrill cries of joy ricocheting off the kids playing Marco Polo. Although the pool is available for residents in two buildings, each structure harboring 106 units over a spread of three floors—there are days when no one is around.  Then, I take the liberty to gaze out the window and scan the view beyond the pool, encompassing a vast meadow, once a heavily-wooded area from where rabbits ventured forth and an occasional deer trespassed onto the manicured lawn.

A wild habitat destroyed by backhoes and bulldozers, a couple of years ago, in a matter of days just before the onset of winter! Mother Nature’s blankets of snow covered the ground’s barren shame, frozen for a time, until spring thaw. Then, any substantial amount of rain settled into craters formed by pockmarked depressions in the soil.  During summer’s periods of drought, a layer of dust skimmed the surface of the pool and infiltrated outlying areas.

All because a developer abandoned a massive construction project, citing a “soft” condominium market, and left shaky ground in its wake! Just as anything built by man can be destroyed by Mother Nature, she is also restorative by nature, having a way with weeds.

To my delight, every square inch of acreage is now overgrown, inhibiting one from wading hip-deep through thick-as-thieves density. The rampage of weeds obscures those few houses in the distance, preventing one from peering at the windows to their souls.  Rabbits and deer have regained their footage to grace us with their presence.  Recently, a coyote has been sighted.

Weeds and the wild imaginations of writers cannot be restrained to fit preconceived notions or imposed sanctions.

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Memoir: “Write” of Way

Augmenting what I previously revealed about my proclivity for “extracting pulp fiction from the enchanted forest of my wild imagination” since the age of twelve, as told in a previous memoir, “Write of Passage,” I’ll now forge ahead along my journey in “Write of Way.”

Resuming where I left off during adolescence, composing chapter stories in the genres of mystery and spy thrillers, I tunneled my way through teen angst by whipping up a romance novella. Comprised of 50 type-written pages on orange paper, I bound the tome with brass, round-head paper fasteners, and showed off a cover layout using magazine cutouts. Stoker earned its place on a shelf in the high school library. Due to its popularity, the copy took on a dog-eared appearance, much to my delight.

The rigors of college and the demands of a 29-yr. teaching career in elementary education imposed a stay of elocution from storytelling. Soon after retirement, I underwent a midlife renaissance which paved the “write of way” to fabricate my debut Women’s Fiction novel, Underlying Notes, whose protagonist parlays a fragrance addiction to confront her troubled past and redefine life after the age of 40.

A newbie published author, I prioritized increasing my visibility while adding to my credibility by binge writing my way out of obscurity. Having grown up in the Sixties, I drew upon those experiences to write my first Memoir, “A Mini Tribute to Twiggy,” and submitted it for publication at The Sixties Official Site. When the webmaster graciously invited me to write more, and offered to set up my own page there, I eagerly accepted and turned out a Memoir every week for approximately two years, totaling 100.  I then composed over two dozen “Retro 60s Flashbacks” to add to my repertoire at “The Sixties with Eva Pasco” –Far out! Celebrating over ten years on the web, earning the accolade, “Baby Boomer’s Top Choice Sixties Website,” I’m proud to be an integral part.

In conjunction with the setting of Rhode Island in my first novel as well as the upcoming second, An Enlightening Quiche, it inspired me to write ezine articles on glorifying my state’s classic foods, historic landmarks, tourist attractions, and cultural idiosyncrasies. Each essay posted for posterity at Authors Den is prefaced with “Rhode Read.”

Cruising along my “write of way,” I’ve developed the habit of blogging, and have faithfully published “Eva’s Byte” each week at Authors Den, having drummed up well over 100!

It behooves the unsung author to diversify above and beyond the scope of his/her genre, and to network with other authors who embark on their own arduous journey beset with detours and obstacles along the “write of way.”

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Memoir: “Write” of Passage

This memoir was written prior to publication of my second novel which approaches its first birthday on September 20, 2017, when the Kindle edition made its debut at Amazon.

Ever since I submitted the manuscript of my second novel for publication, I’ve been moonlighting by preparing for its debut. One of these ventures involves answering questions for prospective author interviews. I find the process of peeling away autobiographical layers of Eva cathartic as though I’m reclining on a couch while in the midst of an expensive psychoanalytical session with the clock ticking before my half hour is up. Pandering to an author’s alter ego, I interpret each question as a nod for me to babble and blab about my humble beginnings as a wordsmith.


And, so, with little prompting, I’ve revisited my childhood and adolescence pertaining to my “write” of passage through those first forays of extracting pulp fiction from the enchanted forest of my wild imagination. Previously revealed in my author bio at Authors Den and elsewhere, “under my mother’s tutelage, I became a proficient typist by the age of nine and soon pounded chapter stories on my girly-pink Tom Thumb typewriter.”

What I’ve never revealed up until now are the stories I composed at the age of twelve. The very first one sprang to mind because of a malfunction in our doorbell which would ring sporadically by itself until my father dismantled the wiring and corrected the situation. Nevertheless, I drafted a chapter story on my typewriter in the genre of mystery—“The Mystery of the Midnight Doorbell,” replete with dialog, secret codes, and a smuggling ring.

Hot to trot along the stubborn keys of a manual typewriter, I struck gold from mining a series of spy thrillers under the auspices of an agency I named I.N.T.R.I.G.U.E. Plucking the names of exotic countries from a map provided settings I knew nothing about. For me, it was all about the action, creating stereotyped characters dripping dialogue in broken English, good triumphing over evil, and gadgetry.

Rivaling the espionage devices in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., the popular TV series created in 1964 which my thrillers predate, I employed such ingenious gimmicks as a radio in the guise of screw back earrings, and a mini-camera concealed inside a carnation boutonniere.

In hindsight, I wish I had invented the shoe phone before the likes of Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, who worked for CONTROL in Get Smart, the comedy, spy-spoof series which first aired on television in 1965.

No surprise, all I wanted for Christmas at the age of twelve was a ream of typing paper to further my “write” of passage. My parents did better than that by placing a brand new, manual, Remington Rand typewriter for grownups under the tree for an aspiring young writer.
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