Blog – Eva’s Byte #138: In Fezziwig Mode

I’d be remiss this time of year if I didn’t allude to my all-time favorite holiday story—Charles Dickens’ novella, A Christmas Carol (1843). Taking center stage for this blog, is Fezziwig—a merchant of jolly and jovial temperament under whom young Ebenezer Scrooge apprenticed. Renowned for his merrymaking during the Christmas season, this astute businessman shows he is deeply interested in the welfare and happiness of his employees.  No doubt, the admiration and respect they have for their boss, motivates them to work even harder.

At least until the New Year, I’m in Fezziwig mode, resting on my laurels, under the dubious assumption I’ll work harder when January rolls around:

October 9th: I launched a nonfiction memoir collection, 100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s.

December 8th: Once Upon a Fabulous Time: The official launch of a co-authored anthology of reimagined fairy tales for grownups. My contribution—the novella, “Mr. Wizardo”.

While my merrymaking isn’t about taking a leap into the air with a quick switch in position of the legs, I’m navigating life at my own pace despite those rude awakenings that wreak havoc with your psyche. Having abstained from drafting my next Contemporary, I’m reading what other Indies have written. I’m also indulging in a Hallmark holiday movie every now and then, caught up in the contrived schmaltz.

Observing the scene of Fezziwig’s merriment signals the beginning of Scrooge’s emotional transformation to becoming a better man. Likewise, Fezziwig mode has enabled me to assess and prioritize what is really important in my life at this juncture.


Blog – Eva’s Byte #137: Special Edition – Believe!

“One for all, all for one!”

This belief sums up the spirit of a small group of diverse authors who formed our own collaborative, jumpstarted by a twist of fate in 2016, associated with Indie Author Day. Eventually, author/historian JB Richards did the honors of organizing the six of us into a cohesive bunch called the “Indie Fabs” also comprised of: Aliya DalRae, R.M. Gauthier, Lyra Shanti, Joanne Van Leerdam, and myself—Eva Pasco.

Besides collectively looking out for those elusive golden opportunities to market and promote our work, and offering mutual support and encouragement for each other’s literary endeavors—we believe in “paying it forward” by supporting the Indie community.

What a difference a year makes!

In addition to each of us having published several works meriting prestigious awards, Renee (R.M. Gauthier) initiated the idea of our collaborating on an adult fairy tale collection.  Birds of a feather, great minds think alike! The central, unifying theme of our anthology—Believe!

ONCE UPON A FABULOUS TIME (444 pages), which officially debuts on December 8th, is available for purchase now at Amazon as a Kindle Edition.

Special Release Price: $.99 until the 9th!

*Purchase Link:

Dreams really do come true…if you believe!

Huzzah to each contributing author:

Aliya DalRae: “Bitter Beauty” and “Sweet Distraction” (A Felino Stivali Tale)

R.M. Gauthier: “The Melting Pole” and “Millie’s Story”

JB Richards: “The Dragon’s Heir”

Lyra Shanti: “The Star Maiden” and “The Nameless Curse”

Joanne VanLeerdam: “A Rose By Any Other Name” and “Where Darkness Lies”

Eva Pasco: “Mr. Wizardo”


Blog – Eva’s Byte #136: BLANK Friday

I confess to drawing a blank in coming up with a suitable blog for Black Friday—hence, the title, “BLANK Friday”.

Whether suffering the scourge of feeling stuffed and lethargic from overindulging on Thanksgiving, or caught up in the whirlpool of holiday shopping—for an Indie author, the importance of being earnest in procuring book sales prevails.

‘Tis the season to seize an opportunity!

Christmas abounds in my Contemporary Women’s Fiction novel, AN ENLIGHTENING QUICHE:

Black Friday is when northern Rhode Island’s French-Canadian mill town of Beauchemins’ “Blue-Ribbon Bake-Off” gets underway at Pâtisseries Évocatrices.

By holly, the play, ‘A Christmas Carol’ is an integral part of the story, along with a revealing backstory.

For my protagonist, Augusta Bergeron, the Yuletide season provides the means for her to reflect, repent, redeem herself, and rejoice.

(November 24th – December 18th): HOME FOR CHRISTMAS – US residents are cordially invited to enter my Goodreads Giveaway contest for the chance to win a signed paperback:

There’s plenty of holiday cheer in my Nonfiction Memoir collection, 100 WILD MUSHROOMS: MEMOIRS OF THE 60s:  

A Whole Lotta’ Tree Shakin’!

The Magic of Christmas

The Christmas Conspiracy

A Few of My Favorite Things

March of the Retro Toys

(Until November 30th): US residents are cordially invited to enter my Goodreads Giveaway contest for the chance to win a signed paperback:

Ebenezer Scrooge articulated that Christmas “is a poor excuse for picking a man’s pocket every 25th of December”. Au contraire, besides the giveaways and special offers Indie authors devise for the holiday season, on any given day most of our Kindle Editions are priced under $5.00.

In my book, that beats any Black Friday deal amidst the maddening, jostling crowds.

Blog – Eva’s Byte #135: So, What Gives?

Something’s gotta give
Something’s gotta give
Something’s gotta give

(“Something’s Gotta Give” – words and song by Johnny Mercer; 1954)

Not easy for those who wear the crown of “Indie Author”! Write. Proofread and Edit. Synopsis. Cover Design. Market and Promote. Shoulder Responsibilities. Juggle Lemons.

With no option to dodge responsibilities, or those proverbial lemons hurled our way, something’s gotta give.

For me, it’s reading. Ever since I got back in the saddle after falling out of it for eight-nine years, I’ve made a commitment to read and review books written by fellow Indies. However, since I’ve stepped up my writing game, my pleasure reading has fallen by the wayside.

For my own sanity…

Having just finished writing a novella for an upcoming anthology, I’ve decided to moonlight for the month of December by not tackling any in-depth writing project. I’ll wait until January of 2018 to begin working on my next full-length novel. In the meantime, I intend to step up my reading in an attempt to make a dent in my TBR pile.

I’ll consider this one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Blog – Eva’s Byte #134: Plotter or Pantser?

Potato or Potahto

Tomato or Tomahto

Laughter or Larfter

(“Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off,” a song written by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin for the 1937 film Shall We Dance)

Plotter or Pantser—or a little of both?

You’re considered a “plotter” if you outline the story of your novel.

You’re considered a “pantser” if you develop the story of your novel as you go along.

In REAL life, even though the best laid plans of mice and men/women tend to go awry, I’m a plotter. Planning my day from sunrise to sunset assures that I’ll make the most of every purpose-driven minute.

In stark contrast, when it comes to writing, I’m a pantser all the way. Although, I might jot down the names of a few characters, and visualize where the story is going from start to finish, nothing is engraved in stone—let alone written down! As soon as I start typing, the twists and turns navigated by my characters pull me along for the ride.

My latest WIP, rounding the bend to the finish line, and illustrative of utilizing the pantser process, is my Contemporary tale, “Mr. Wizardo,” loosely based on L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful World of Oz. A childhood favorite of mine in third grade, I’d repeatedly sign this book out of the school library to read it over and over.

In REAL Time:

Coming soon—an anthology, Once Upon a Fabulous Time, comprised of the aforementioned tale written by me, Eva Pasco, and those contributed by my fellow Indie Fabs: Aliya DalRae, R.M. Gauthier, JB Richards, Lyra Shanti, and JoAnne Van Leerdam.

Most of us are scrambling by the seat of our pants to meet the self-imposed deadline.

Blog – Eva’s Byte #133: Weathering a Storm–Longhand

On October 30th – a powerful storm knocked out power to homes and businesses across the Northeast, impacting the days which followed. Fortunately, the power in my neck of the woods was restored by 10:00 PM EDT on the 31st.

For nearly a period of 24 hours, I had no access to the Internet where social media is crucial for an Indie author’s visibility. Having no computer to work from also meant I couldn’t resume writing my latest work in progress, saved in documents.

One of those manual typewriters would have come in handy, even with their shortcomings revolving around ribbons and typos, necessitating one have Wite-Out correction fluid on hand. Having neither at my disposal, I proceeded to write out the remainder of chapter 9 and the beginning of chapter 10 in longhand on a legal pad. By nightfall, my black gel pen danced by the light of a lantern.

Looking back, I composed my debut Contemporary Women’s Fiction novel, Underlying Notes, in longhand each day prior to typing it in Word.

While I view writing in longhand as one way for an Indie author to weather a storm, the author greats of yesteryear had no other available options. A gel pen sure beats wielding and dipping a feather or fountain pen in an inkwell.

In REAL Time:

November 1st – This month’s issue of UNCAGED, a cool, all-things-bookish magazine, features several Indie authors, including the innovative PJ Mann, Sci-Fi Queen/Indie Fab Lyra Shanti, and me—Eva Pasco.  I’m honored to be included among such great company.

November 6th: 8:00 – 9:00 PM EST –  My author takeover at The River of Time Launch Party (Nov. 5 @ 2 PM EST – Nov. 6 @ 11:59 PM EST), celebrating Sci-Fi author Lyra Shanti’s release of her final book in the epic SHIVA XIV series. I’m thrilled to partake in this event alongside other guest authors.



Blog – Eva’s Byte #132: Pressing the Right Buttons

Besides pressing keys on a computer keyboard to compose a story—the stuff Indie author’s books are made of—it’s important to press the right buttons during the course of marketing on social media. So, we press buttons on Facebook in order to further our own cause or to support a fellow Indie: like, love, post, or share.

Pressing the right buttons has potential to increase the odds of book visibility in the public eye.

Even the wise guys in the cinematic Godfather saga acknowledged “button men”.

My Favorites Bar on the Internet home page has a slew of buttons for me to press for navigating cyberspace with the greatest of ease.

My favorite buttons to press are those which provide feedback:

My Authors Den Stats Page indicates the number of clicks per publication.

My Universal Book Links indicate the number of clicks per book. I find this an invaluable resource for checking the effectiveness of ads I’ve posted:

An Enlightening Quiche:

100 WILD Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s:

Newly acquired this week – Book Report!

Installing this button to your Favorites Bar will enable you to measure how your self-published Kindle editions and paperbacks are performing at Amazon. All you have to do is look up from your screen at any given moment to see the “dollar amount of sales earned for today”.

For Indie authors, it behooves each of us to press the right buttons for hitting our stride.


Blog – Eva’s Byte #131: Post-Launch Flight

I hope my book soars

Higher than a kite

During its flight

(Inspired by “Rocket Man” (1972); composed and originally performed by Elton John)

Published on October 9, 2017, and officially launched on Friday, the 13th at the Indie Fab Festival in celebration of Indie Author Day on the 14th—my Nonfiction anthology, 100 WILD Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s, took flight.

 Kindle & Paperback @Amazon:

There are no clear-cut directions for Indie authors to follow in piloting their book’s post-launch flight. Hence, it’s so easy to get lost in space and time.

My charted course of action this week:

I ordered custom-designed vertical postcards and signing pens incorporating my book cover image.

I entered my ‘60s memoir collection in two book contests:

ATAI (Authors Talk About It) 2018 Book Award Contest:

Top Shelf Magazine Indie Book Awards Contest:

I’ve emailed query letters accompanied by a press release to editors of several local newspapers in my state, hoping to procure a feature story.

Thanks to the fuel provided by reader interest, I’m grateful for the sales surge which helped my book overcome gravity and take flight this week.



Blog – Eva’s Byte #130: Pedal to the Metal

First, I’d like to wish my fellow Indies a Happy Indie Author Day which officially falls on October 14th this year.

Since my life, as it pertains to an Indie, is that of a whirling dervish, these cliches’ come to mind besides the one in my blog title: seize the moment; strike while the iron is hot; burning the midnight oil.

An Indie author, I’m grateful for every golden opportunity, so strike while the iron is hot in procuring author guest spots to stay in the public eye. I’m honored to have a feature in this month’s issue of Indie Publishing News:

I’m striking while it’s hot to officially launch my nonfiction memoir collection—100 WILD Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s (published – October 9, 2017) during my author takeover on Friday, the 13th from 8-9 EDT at The Indie Fab Festival event on Facebook:

Then, the real work begins with marketing and promoting a new book on the block. As you might imagine, my cognitive wheels are already spinning in anticipation and preparation. Next week’s blog will be the bearer of that news.

In the meantime, I’m putting the pedal to the metal to accelerate—even if it means I must burn the midnight oil to accomplish my goals.


Blog – “Eva’s Byte #129: COMING SOON!”

For an Indie author, it’s important to stir a hornet’s nest on social media for the purpose of creating a buzz about an upcoming book launch. A minimalist, I don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account, nor my own website per se, an author page on Facebook, or a monthly newsletter either.

Nevertheless, the playing field is leveled for all Indies during that initial step to promote a new book by announcing it’s COMING SOON.

Thereon in, an Indie can host an author event, and perchance, start a Thunderclap and/or Daycause campaign—which I intend to do.


COVER REVEAL & BOOK LAUNCH on Friday, the 13th between 8-9 PM EDT during my author takeover segment at an epic event in celebration of INDIE AUTHOR DAY for:

100 WILD MUSHROOMS: Memoirs of the ‘60s

At: THE INDIE FAB FESTIVAL (Oct. 13 – 15) on Facebook, hosted by Indie Fabs: Lyra Shanti, Aliya, DalRae, Renee Gauthier, Jeannie JB Richards, Joanne Van Leerdam, and myself.

The “Fab” concept initiated among the six of us is all about Indies supporting one another to help achieve our dreams. Therefore, the festival will celebrate this creed by inviting authors to share their books during the course of this event.

Virtual food and drink; BOOKS; related fun & Games—Let the party begin!

Interested? Going? ENTER HERE: