Eva Pasco - author photo

“On the road, as in life—I accelerate!”

A Jill-of-all-Trades in the progression of life—a factory fatale gluing eyes on pairs of lion slippers at Capitol Heel Lining, collating booklets at Sidney-Higgins Bookbinding, getting downright dirty at H & H Screw Products, and teaching in the third-grade classroom trenches–Eva Pasco turned a corner after retirement.

Reviving a dormant flair for writing, she braved the arduous journey along the Indie author’s untrammeled path, a route chosen to bypass literary agents and take full control of the publication process from cover to copy through the genre of Contemporary Women’s Fiction.

Shortly after the publication of her debut novel based on her obsession with perfume, Eva was interviewed by a reporter for TIME Magazine (March 17, 2008).

Jeninne Lee-St. John sums up the autobiographical influence in her article, “Scents and Sensitivity”:

“Eva Pasco, who loosely based her novel Underlying Notes on her fragrance addiction, has boxes and trunks and specially made cabinets all over her house for her perfume collection. She calls herself a “fragrance floozy,” but she’s no eccentric kook.” http://tinyurl.com/jpcnlwf

In addition to having written two novels, Ms. Pasco has composed over one hundred Memoirs–100 of them pertaining to growing up during the Sixties!  She’s published numerous Retro 60s Flashbacks at the Den too, where you can also read her essays on Rhode Island prefaced with “Rhode Read”.    She also writes a weekly Blog related to her trials as an Indie author.

You’re welcome to follow her at Authors Den, where she updates her status daily:


Eva enjoys the simple pleasures of going out for breakfast or lunch.  Since Rhode Island has 400 miles of coastline and over 100 accessible beaches, she walks the shore throughout the four seasons. She also takes great pleasure in driving along scenic routes, listening to the radio.  As she is so fond of saying:

“On the road, as in life—I accelerate!”




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