In my capacity as an Indie author, I take comfort in the daily routines that come with the territory. However, the agenda makes demands on one’s cognition and time: writing, editing, marketing, maintaining a presence on social media, reading and reviewing books (for me—those written by other Indies).

There comes a time when I need to escape the confines of my office. A native of Rhode Island, “The Ocean State,” bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and large bays and inlets to the east, offers a vast horizon for a change of scenery.

Without planning an itinerary to spend the day in Newport, or hop a ferry to Block Island, all I have to do is accelerate along the coastal route and choose my place in the sun by the sea in a matter of minutes.

While I fancy sitting on an Adirondack chair facing the ocean, my canvas camp chair will do in a pinch. After all, it’s not the chair that transports you to your state of bliss—it’s the scenery. The beach has always been my preferred escape hatch for the hypnotic rhythm of the waves and the serenade of seagull cries.

On my turf, a sanctuary unto itself for a brief interlude, intrusive thoughts from my characters are not allowed.

*Where are you off to?

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