An Indie author who strives to rise above the ashes of obscurity on a daily basis, there’s still no need for me to appear at my local supermarket incognito.

Having lunch with my mother earlier in the week at one of our favorite restaurants, the server asked if I was working on a new book. Her inquiry was a natural progression “in recognition” of my being an author.

Because recognition within the boundary of my native state of Rhode Island is so rare, despite its prominence of geographic features, historic landmarks, and regional culture in my books—I cherished the original memory of her recognition, three years ago!

I know you!

The server excitedly mentioned she recognized me on An Hour with Bob, a popular Rhode Island-based Cable TV show, recorded in real-time: 11/01/2016, pertaining to the launch of An Enlightening Quiche.

I was thrilled over her excitement, feeling like a celebrity for ten minutes. Another server also came over and confessed her desire to write. Far be it from me to dissuade anyone…

Now, here I am—two books later: 100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s and “Mr. Wizardo” from the anthology, Once Upon a Fabulous Time. Currently, I’m finishing chapter 24 of my WIP.

One never knows the ripple effect of face recognition garnered from the publicity of a local TV program or newspaper feature.

May every aspiring entrepreneur merit recognition for his/her labor of love.

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