Part 1

A newly published author in 2008, I prioritized increasing my visibility, while adding to my credibility, by binge-writing my way out of obscurity. One way I sought to do this—operative word “one”—was to dabble in writing articles about my native state of Rhode Island (41 thus far), the setting for my novels in the genre of Contemporary. Since I incorporate historic landmarks, geographical locations, and regional culture/cuisine in my stories, this endeavor aligned itself nicely for expanding my author persona.

On that note, I’ll share one of my Rhode Reads, the subject matter of which will wend its way to my current work in progress, set in the rural community of Foster.

Rhode Read: RI’s Official Hotbed of Paranormal Activity (847 views at my web page, Authors Den)

An abridged version:

The Ramtail Factory Ruins

Deep in the woods of Foster, Rhode Island lay the ruins of the Ramtail Factory (Foster Woolen Factory). Founded by William Potter in 1799, and mysteriously destroyed by fire in the 1880s, it continues to haunt the hollows of a town fifteen miles from the capital city of Providence, situated on the extreme western boundary of Rhode Island, bordered by Killingly and Sterling in Connecticut.

Lure of the lore:

By 1813, William Potter expanded mill operations and made son-in-law, Peleg Walker, a partner. Walker, no pun intended, walked the beat as a night watchman, holding onto his lantern while making his rounds to all the buildings, and pulling the cord to sound the bell in the tower to summon workers for the day shift.

Supposedly after racking up mileage on his shoes over several years, an argument between partners brewed. Purportedly Walker retorted to the gist that “one day they’d have to grab the keys from a dead man.”

As prophesized, on May 18, 1822, Potter walked into the factory and found his son-in-law had hung himself from the bell rope with the keys visibly hanging out of his pocket.

Shortly after his demise, strange events occurred: the bell tower struck at the stroke of midnight though no one pulled the cord, prompting replacement of the bell; the townspeople witnessed the mill running without anyone operating it, whereby the water flowed in the opposite direction of the stream; the apparition of Walker making his night rounds holding a lantern; the mysterious fire.

Most of the villagers fled town in fear of the mill. Visitations by The RI Paranormal Group document both audible and physical manifestations as well as photographic confirmation which more than confirmed the area is quite active – “The feeling of being watched closely and followed is a given at Ramtail Factory!”

You Tube Video: Haunted RI – Ramtail Factory (6:17 duration)

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