I’m proud to be an Indie author, one of many who “writes my own books,” while fame and fortune elude me. Basically, I’m thrilled God gifted me with the ability to string words, because I can’t carry a tune or draw for beans. Post-publication, I’m grateful for each sporadic sale and book review. I also cherish the comradery in the author community which is based on mutual trust and respect.

Hence, I’m totally baffled by the recent copy/paste plagiarism news bite brought to light.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” (Charles Caleb Colton).

Copycat is more like it!

Without getting into specifics, or railing against such a reprehensible act of treachery and theft—I question why anyone would go to great lengths to piece together an entire book predicated on pretense. If writing isn’t your strong suit, in all honesty—pursue a legitimate interest.

Hither come I from my own perspective:

Must be the perks associated with being a writer. Ha! I’ve yet to build a fan base from “people I know”. I’ve yet to be recognized at my local supermarket.

Must be the money earned from royalties. Ha! At eBooks priced under $5.00, I’d need a slew of sales to undercut expenditures on printer ink and contest entry fees. Imagine if I invested in book marketing ads!

For real: A true writer sheds blood, sweat and tears during the excruciating creative process from start to finish—whenever. That’s the glory behind a story!

For me, there’s no greater satisfaction than fabricating a story fanned by the windmills of one’s mind. Even better? Someone likes what I wrote and tells another they should read my book. Priceless!

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2 thoughts on “Eva’s Byte #201 – Copycat!

  1. I read about the recent plagiarism and it angers me. I can’t even imagine copying parts of someone’s work and make a patchwork novel out of the stolen pieces. Moreover, I always check my books with multiple programs that detect possible plagiarized phrases or sentences, just to be sure.


    1. Erika,

      Since you’d mentioned that at Our Author Gang, I’ve checked random selections of my WIP to see if I inadvertently lifted phrases. Negative. Still, it made me paranoid. I agree about the audacity to piece together a plagiarized patchwork novel.


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