In celebration of my 200th blog milestone, I’m citing excerpts from five of my favorite Blog Bytes—every single one originally published on my web page at Authors Den (2015 – 2019).  By the way, the bytes I’ve chosen have nothing to do with my writing career.

Eva’s Byte # 19 – That Which Kills Me!

If I weren’t concerned about health risks, impaired judgement, premature aging, an expanding waistline, tarnished reputation, threats to my well-being, serving prison time, financial ruin, compromising longevity, or suffering my soul to eternal damnation—you can be sure, I’d embrace hedonism wholeheartedly by indulging in that which kills me and makes my life worthwhile! A for instance:

I’d beef it up by eating Texas burgers more often, enjoying the sumptuous repast of ½ lb. ground sirloin topped with melted cheddar, bacon slice, onion ring, and barbecue sauce on a bun.

Honky tonk dives, here I’d come—those joints from yesteryear where smoking and drinking were suitably mated until ordinances took effect nationwide in every public place. I didn’t smoke or drink in excess, but loved the ambience. Go figure.

Eva’s Byte #22 – Swingers!


The 1961 album by Frank Sinatra which included only up tempo swing numbers, one of them “Ring-a-Ding-Ding,” is an apropos opening for the swingers I’m about to zing.


I’m referring to those callous, careless, cowardly individuals who leave behind their anonymous calling card of a ding or scratch on your vehicle, adding insult to injury from the forceful, wide-arc swing of their own car door when getting in or out of their heap of steel parked next to yours.

 Eva’s Byte #35 – Leopard

The spotted leopard print is both bold and timeless, as attested through our cruise down memory lane. My sister and I recalled the numerous times our Aunt Evelyn chauffeured my mother and us two kids around in her 1959, coral and white, batwing Impala, invariably wearing her leopard coat in winter.  Spreading the conversation forward, my cousin Gail remembered her mother, my Aunt Angie, had a leopard coat and matching accessories. The spots stop there! My cousin Deborah revealed that her mom, my Aunt Viola, wasn’t a leopard aficionado.  While my mother admires leopard print, my sister and I never spotted leopard lurking in her clothes closet. However, she does have a pair of leopard reading glasses.

An animal pattern that comes in a variety of colors and iterations, leopard rounds out a wardrobe by adding glamour and sex appeal. Leopard must be worn in moderation. Paired or “pard” with black, it’s the cat’s meow!

 Eva’s Byte #42 – That One Thing!

Do you know what the secret of life is? (Holds up one finger)

One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean **it. (A Curly quote from City Slickers, 1991)

Enough said!

Eva’s Byte #45 – Letting Go

Letting go is not easy for me. If a fine line exists between hanging on to things and hoarding, I’m straddling the line by not letting go of things past their prime.  Not bearing to throw away pretty soap boxes, I incorporate them into my décor.  Reluctant to part with empty perfume bottles for their design and for the precious dregs trapped inside, my glass goddesses stand sentinel on a bureau.  Treasuring my vintage designer bags, I’ve tucked them away for safekeeping in a closet.

Forget about letting go of a grudge! Should anyone cross me, they’re crossed off my list.  There’s no crossing the Rubicon where I’m concerned.  A Michael Corleone character quote from The Godfather puts it succinctly, Sicilianly, and squarely – “You’re nothing to me now!”

Ciao for now…

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