Are you a writer who has too many irons in the fire?

Scenario: You’re a house of fire—firing away, fueled by the fire in your belly to set the world on fire through forging several irons in the fire at once. Vis a vis: devoting and dividing your time between writing more than one novel or novella.

If guilty as charged—Great balls of fire!

While no one has to light a fire under my feet for me to write, I typically focus solely on my work in progress, whether or not ideas for another story are in the line of fire. I’m a slow burner too, taking up to a year or w-a-a-y more to finish a novel. Thus far, in my lifetime, I’ve published:


Underlying Notes (First Printing – 2007; Second Printing – 2009).

An Enlightening Quiche (2016)

Mr. Wizardo (novella in the anthology, Once Upon a Fabulous Time – 2017).


Memoir collection—100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s (2017).

In closing, I’d like to pay tribute to Emily Brontë, an author who wrote only one novel in her lifetime—Wuthering Heights (1847), my all-time favorite. At that, her book drew fire, garnering mixed reviews from critics, who mostly found the book unbelievable and even scandalous.

*Regardless of how many irons are in the fire, may every writer fire on.

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