“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.” Lazurus Long

Excluding book formatting and cover art, I otherwise operate “solo” when it comes to writing. In that regard, I am my own harshest critic when it comes to executing every aspect of editing to the finish line.

 The End

While I can understand the utter satisfaction of typing this visual marker in concluding the manuscript, I never do.  At this point in time, drafting chapter 21 of my WIP, I’ve miles and months to go before I reach the end of the story despite my steadfast vision.

Respecting the prerogative of other writers who tweak their text and/or design a new book cover at various intervals post-publication, “the end” is the last stop on my train of thought. Although I’m far from perfect, once my novel is published, I’ll stand by its integrity which shall remain intact for all eternity, regardless of any errant typo or faux pas.  There’d better not be!

Point of fact, when my contract with a hybrid publisher expires and I self-publish An Enlightening Quiche (2016)—not one word will be changed, and I’ll retain the cover whose elements I prepared in entirety for the cover artist. After all, every review worth its weight in gold was based on the original version.

From my writing perspective, the art of ending one literary journey paves the way for undertaking the next—without turning back.

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