Separate and apart from my life as a writer/published author—most days I’m skating on thin ice. When you’re a caregiver, and I’m not even as hands-on as others who wear the crown, you live by the creed, “When you least expect it…”

Such was the case on Christmas Eve, infiltrating Christmas: pondering whether or not a trip to the ER was called for. The mid-morning stabilization provided a reprieve for two people who avoided languishing in the hospital for hours on end. This unexpected pardon enabled me to embrace a semblance of inner peace and harmony, providing relief from the doldrums.

Each of us has our own reference point to rally from. When you’re skating on thin ice, you truly appreciate a lifeline when you least expect it, and when you need it the most.

As for the fate of my characters who reside in the genre of Contemporary, there are those who succumb, and those who survive the perils of skating on thin ice. Such is life.

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