‘Tis the season of autumn! Due to shorter periods of daylight and cooler temperatures, deciduous leaves stop their food-making process. Hence, chlorophyll breaks down, whereby the green color disappears, giving rise to a spectrum of yellow, red, orange, and even purple hues.  In essence, these manifestations are the leaves’ “true colors”.

An Indie author who primarily, but not exclusively, writes fiction in the genre of Contemporary, I strive to embrace realism and portray female protagonists over forty who grapple with, confront, and overcome their personal dilemmas to become empowered in making profound life changes for the better.

In order to achieve this goal, the characters must evolve organically so the reader can see their true colors:

From chapter 1 of An Enlightening Quiche—in Augusta’s words:

Autumn was indeed a tragic opera when bleeding crimson hearts expired soon after attaining their height of glory. Sadness engulfed me and mushroomed into a dark cloud hovering over the realization my own peak season had terminated when I turned the Big Four O, beaucoup months ago last November. Thus far I hadn’t exactly set the world on fire the way Mrs. Blais envisioned I would, subliminally affecting one of her many Freudian slips into Dante’s inferno.

Burnished or tarnished—when the reader finishes leafing through every page, the characters will have revealed their true colors.

The latest REVIEW excerpt – “Via two women narrators, I plunged into the intricate and tangled lives of Beauchemins’ natives and had a great time. Pasco spins a complex and engaging narrative whose protagonists, Augusta and Lindsay, as well as Yolande, Monique, Hal, and Norm, felt like old friends. I could easily imagine dropping by their homes for a mug of coffee and having a good chat.”

*Art imitates life, whereby book characters eventually reveal their true colors.

 Authors Den: http://www.authorsden.com/evapasco

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1270775.Eva_Pasco

Eva Pasco’s Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/evapasco

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