And don’t tell me what to do

And don’t tell me what to say

The song lyrics for “You Don’t Own Me” (1963), recorded by Lesley Gore, became an inspiration for younger women and are sometimes cited as a factor in the Second Wave Feminist Movement. Hurrah for female emancipation and empowerment all around! For me, the lyrics transcend relationships.

An Indie author by choice, writing affords me the freedom to tell my stories as I see fit without teetering on the edge of becoming a “best sellout”. I write stand-alone novels I’d like to read in my favorite genre—Contemporary.

My brand of Contemporary, “lit with grit,” embraces realism exonerating the lives of flawed, feisty females over forty who grapple with, confront, and overcome their personal dilemmas or inner demons. Their personal growth emancipates and empowers them to make profound life changes for the better.

By taking ownership, my stories are distinguished for dispelling the clichés that often accompany the genre of Women’s Fiction by the coined term, “Chick Lit”. The label conjures an image of frivolous, lighthearted fare with book cover images of cocktail glasses, designer handbags, and high heels.

On the contrary, my novels are descriptive, introspective, and explore the gamut of inner conflicts: convention vs. rebellion; fate vs. free will; loyalty vs. betrayal; unbridled love vs. sacrifice; death–inevitable or tragic?

There’s a book written for every preference, awaiting reader ownership and review.

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