An Indie author who primarily writes in the genre of Contemporary Women’s fiction with an emphasis on fabricating “lit with grit,” the setting is just as important to me as creating fully-fleshed characters.

My author signature is that of incorporating my native state of Rhode Island as it fits into the parameters of my story via historic events, geographic entities, and regional culture. I’m fond of blurring the lines of demarcation between fact and fiction.

From Underlying Notes (First Printing – 2007; Second Printing – 2009) regarding Artie Dufresne, my reporter for a local news station—there’s a fine line between fact and fiction:

Though the Pulitzer Prize thus far eluded gumshoe, he deserved recognition for denting the surface of corruption in the Ocean State. In the wake of the tragic Station nightclub fire of ’03 in West Warwick, Artie turned up the heat on club owners whose establishments were not in compliance with sprinkler and fire alarm provisions of the state fire codes. He cited several landlords in violation of the lead paint law. A prominent hotel in the capital city earned free publicity after Artie exposed its infestation with bed bugs…

You get the point!

From An Enlightening Quiche (2016) which features an impoverished mill, one of my protagonists—historian, Lindsay Metcalfe, straddles the line between fact and fiction:

The township of Beauchemins, located along the Blackstone River, proved ideal for the development of industrial activity. Descendants of Alphonse Beauchemins who inherited large tracts of land which included water privileges, collectively sold their parcels in 1892 to a partnership who erected a mill by Beauchemins Falls for the purpose of manufacturing travel accessories, aptly named American Voyager Luggage Co., 1893.   The construction of the Blackstone Canal and the advent of rail transportation spurred productivity to such an extent the mill required additional workers. An influx of primarily French-Canadians staffed the mill and took up residence in the newly completed brick village.

*Ever since I watched On the Waterfront during my adolescence, nothing short of “realism” will suffice for books I read, or those I write: lit with grit!

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