As part of my creative process for writing, I’m steering clear of anything unethical, while embracing the means of ingenuity as a strategy for justifying the end result of a full-fledged novel.

The method to my madness is the lack of methodology!

 Loose as a goose, I don’t have a set work routine. Generally, I roll up my sleeves in my office at the keyboard during the afternoon, and block off 1- 2 hours. To attempt more is counterproductive as my intellectual output declines. I never set a writing goal for myself because a typical work session may involve exhaustive research. At the expense of being meticulous, I rarely exceed a yield of more than 500 words during a given session.

 Herein lies the ingenuity of my madness:

I’m a “pantster,” composing by the seat of my pants from start to finish, as opposed to adhering to an outline and coming up with character sketches. The windmills of my mind propel the story, whereby the end justifies the means to get there. From past practice, my characters sabotage the ending I have in mind. Believe me, I know better than to question their judgment!

Usually bursts of brilliance for how to best articulate an idea or parlay snatches of dialog overtake me when I’m away from the keyboard doing housework. I immediately turn off the vacuum or abandon my dust cloth to heed my inner voice by scribbling the message on a notebook kept on my desk for this purpose.

Another quirk of mine is to play music conducive for plying my mood to write a scene.

May your method to the madness get you to the finish line of your creative endeavor.

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