It’s like “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”!

 Take one down, throw it away. One less book review today.

The takeaway of Amazon reviews is disheartening for Indie authors who experience sluggish, sporadic, or stagnant book sales. The reward for our slow and tedious uphill climb along this precarious journey is a book review posted by a reader.  Therefore, it’s a shock to discover the removal of a review every now and then, especially when that review is based on a verified purchase. Mind you, nothing but the removal of a 5-Star review will do, while a mean-spirited 1-Star, vitriolic slander-fest holds its ground despite an appeal, and subsequent curt dismissal.

First and foremost, it’s an insult to the reader who takes a leap of faith in purchasing a book and graciously takes the time to write an honest review providing feedback.

Last week, my Contemporary, An Enlightening Quiche, had its reviews whittled down to 28—again! So close to 30, yet so far! My Nonfiction Memoir collection, 100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s, is down to 10.  Each day, I walk the gangplank, on edge, over what I’ll discover that may obstruct my path to the Promised Land of Visibility, purportedly attained after your book gets 50 reviews.

However, the hide of an Indie author is thick to begin with, having pioneered self-publishing on our own terms. Taking away one or more reviews over time can never undermine my integrity as a writer, erode myself self-respect, or devalue the merit badges my books have earned. I also take consolation that many bestselling authors have had few reviews prior to hitting it big.

Sales drive success, not reviews.

Although I’ve yet to strike the mother lode of book sales, like an errant weed poking through concrete, I’m determined to succeed in my own way—one book sale at a time.

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