Besides the myriad number of varied ingredients, there’s the option of crust or crustless. My quiche recipe, or rather, my protagonist Augusta Bergeron’s heirloom recipe she named “Quiche Simone,” is crustless. (Multi-award winning Contemporary, An Enlightening Quiche: An heirloom quiche recipe and baking rivalry turn up the heat in a mill town rife with secrets and scandals).

There’s obviously more than one piece of well-meaning advice pertaining to effective writing. I thought I’d include my own, along with “rules” I happen to follow based on my own preferences:

1 – First and foremost: Don’t become a “best-sellout” by playing it safe or following advice from so-called writing experts. Heed your own instincts.

2 – When sitting down to write, always reread previous material in the chapter. I find it revs one’s creative engine, while keeping focused on the plot. Plus, it’s “one” more invaluable opportunity to proofread, edit, check for inconsistencies, and enrich. Time consuming—sure, but it’s the closest thing to subjective perfection. Oh, and before I begin writing a new chapter, I read my WIP from the beginning.

3 – Avoid using the word “that”.

That’s all I got. I’m adding a few pieces of advice I happen to agree with wholeheartedly proffered by established writers.   You may not agree.  Hence, I’ll refer you back to no.1.

*Write a book you’d like to read. Don’t write for a perceived audience market.  It may well have vanished by the time your book is ready. (Hilary Mantel)

*Writing isn’t about making money…In the end, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well. (Stephen King)

*Work on one thing at a time until finished. (Henry Miller)

*Remove literary, grammatical and syntactical inhibition. (Jack Kerouac)


What works for you?


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One thought on “Blog – Eva’s Byte #152: There’s More than One Way to Bake a Quiche!

  1. I still use the word “that” – but I do so sparingly. Sometimes you just need it.

    What works best is writing what’s meaningful for me. If people write to a formula, it shows. The passion and care behind it comes through in my writing, and that’s what impacts the reader.


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