Indie Authors require the patience and persistence of fly-fishing!

In Reel/Real Time—literally and metaphorically—I’ve been hauling bass since January along my WIP, Aida’s Fishing Ground, in the genre of Contemporary Women’s Fiction, set in Foster, Rhode Island.  Consequently, my novel trademark for integrating the locale’s historic landmarks, geographic entities, and regional culture is front and center.

I recently completed drafting chapter 3 (1807 words) which is devoted to one of the characters angling for bass in the Ponaganset River. At least two rules of thumb can be applied to an Indie author’s approach to marketing:

  1. While fishing, an angler must cross that fine line between spending too much time in one unproductive spot and moving on to another.

Comparably, an Indie author must evaluate strategies for their effectiveness in procuring book sales, staying the course with what works, and/or moving on to another strategy.

2.  Prior to fishing in a designated area, it behooves the angler to check the “fatty factor”—the detailed seven-day fishing forecast based on a 1 to 5 rating calculated per hour for every stream, whereby a factor of 5 indicates the fattest prospects for hauling bass or any other stock fish.

No such luck for an Indie author who must work all the angles to find his/her elusive readership with no guarantees for lucrative prospects whatsoever.

Best wishes to all Indie authors as we wade through social media on a daily basis in the hope of catching a sale through patience and persistence.

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