My no-nonsense, minimal approach for shining at a book signing:

I’m ready to rock n’ roll, packin’ pulp fiction and nonfiction for a massive book signing event with 49 other local authors. Having received a gracious invitation to participate in the 3rd annual “Book Lovers Author Expo” hosted by the Cumberland Public Library on Saturday, February 17th, 1-4 PM EST, preparations are underway.

My “sass” is in gear for keeping things manageable—and real! Although you’re apt to find me greeting patrons of the literary arts wearing my signature-signing leopard attire, I don’t cart in bling—high-rise book posters, decorative lights, lamps, giveaway gadgetry, etc.—all of which strike me as pathetic ploys to get noticed.

Books should speak for themselves! What a novel idea, eh?

Getting my sass in gear is all about adhering to the KISS method: keep it simple, stupid! That said, this is the stuff I roll with, self-contained inside my cart, to an author event:

Boxes containing just enough books cuz you’ll be lucky to sell one, if any at all—10 – 100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s because they’re lightweight at 230 pgs.; 5 each – An Enlightening Quiche and Once Upon a Fabulous Time because each book is a heavyweight, over 500 pgs.  Inside each book, I’ve enclosed a book card.  I’m carting three different kinds of signing pens corresponding with titles and totals.  From past experience, I’ve learned to keep these undercover, as some folks think nothing of helping themselves to a pen without feigning the slightest interest in my books.

Acrylic easels to display each book title: Sticking out of each title, a black oak tag bookmark with a typewritten price tag adhered; a larger easel for displaying my author photo and tagline: Eva Pasco – Rhode Island Author – Incorporating historic landmarks, geographic entities, cherished institutions, and regional culture.

Takeaway Flyers with pertinent information about my books, buying links, and websites.

A plastic container with individually wrapped candies. This has potential to give pause for engaging with someone standing in front of me.

Seeing I have no interest in getting a Square Credit Card Reader, and deal strictly in cash, I am prepared to make change.

Even though refreshments will be provided, I won’t leave home without snacks and bottled water. In for the long haul, I’ll have a few sharpened pencils and crossword puzzle books to keep myself occupied.

Getting one’s sass in gear is by no means a precursor to book sales. However, it does enable me to move through crowds and set up shop with the greatest of ease.

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