In my neck of the woods we’ve already experienced that mid-winter rise in temperature which occurs in January. An Indie author, I’ve experienced my own mid-winter spiritual rise through an increase in production for my WIP: Contemporary Women’s Fiction—Aida’s Fishing Ground.  What may have started off slowly at the beginning of 2018, gained momentum from mid-January.

Every Indie author has his/her signature style, writing goals, and work ethic.

Adhering to my author signature of incorporating historic events, geographic entities, and regional culture pertaining to my native state of Rhode Island, I’ve conducted plenty of research on the rural town of Foster, which is wending its way through the novel.

Striving to blur the lines of demarcation between fact and fiction, this week, for the juncture of chapter 2, I found it necessary to research “fly-fishing” even though my novel is not about “fishing” per se. Another one of my author signatures is that of creating a book title with multiple meanings.

During my January thaw, I’ve managed to draft the prologue, chapter 1, and the beginning of chapter 2 at 2,416 words.

While other Indies are probably dancing circles around me for daily word input, steadfast in their goal to publish a few to several books this year, I’m resolute in “angling” my way.

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