I’m an Indie author, hear me r-r-roar!

I’m resilient

I’m invincible

I’m an indie author

(Inspired by “I am Woman,” a song written by Helen Reddy and released in 1972)

The onset of the New Year has granted me reason to roar:

An Enlightening Quiche, in the category of Contemporary Women’s Fiction, is one of the judges’ finalists in the 2018 Golden Book Award contest. Anyone who has read my book, or any one of the featured finalists, you’re welcome to add a comment in contribution to the “Readers’ Choice Award” contest.


A recent review for An Enlightening Quiche was published in January’s issue of Indie Publishing News, Issue 20.

An excerpt:

Most writers put words together in an attempt to create an understandable story. Few writers are considered artists who bombard the pages with vivid colors of vocabulary. Eva Pasco is an artist. Her book, “An Enlightening Quiche,” is a gallery in a novel.


I’m looking forward to an upcoming interview conducted by speculative fiction author Bryan Aiello via his “Stories on Creativity” podcast on January 19th @ 8 PM EST.


Hear my r-r-roar for laying the foundation of my WIP in the genre of Contemporary, Aida’s Fishing Ground! Having written the prologue, I’m underway with chapter 1.

May every Indie author have something to roar about to stave the anguish over sluggish, sporadic, or stagnant book sales.


Authors Den: http://www.authorsden.com/evapasco

Eva Pasco’s Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/evapasco

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