A powerful winter storm referred to as a “bomb cyclone” due to barometric pressure expected to drop at least 24 millibars within a time frame of 24 hours, holds the Northeast hostage in its grip. New Englanders are battening down the hatches as lots of snow, bitter cold, strong winds and blizzard conditions prevail.

An Indie author confined to the comforts of home, I intend to make inroads with my writing, hoping my efforts aren’t hindered by a power outage. Holding steadfast to a promise made to myself for the New Year, I’ve dabbled with my WIP in the genre of Contemporary.

As my signature trademark is that of incorporating geographic entities, historic landmarks, and regional culture inherent to my native state—I established the setting for Aida’s Fishing Ground (current working title): Foster, Rhode Island.

Prior to taking a drive through the town to better appreciate this locale, the setting inspired me to compile preliminary research to ground my fictitious story in realism, thereby blurring the lines of distinction between fact and fiction.

Meantime, delineating characters and plotting scenarios are channeling my imagination to cerebrally compose my story by adopting the “pantser” approach to writing it.

Should blizzard conditions force their hand in causing a power outage, I’ll resort to pen and paper, feeling some affinity with those great writers of yesteryear who produced their literary masterpieces by candlelight.




One thought on “Blog – Eva’s Byte #141: Blizzard Conditions

  1. Paper and pen… say it isn’t so! LOL I’ve been seeing the storm that has hit your region, stay home, stay warm and write the next award winning novel. So glad inspiration has hit you and can’t wait to read why you’ve got coming next!

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