I’d be remiss this time of year if I didn’t allude to my all-time favorite holiday story—Charles Dickens’ novella, A Christmas Carol (1843). Taking center stage for this blog, is Fezziwig—a merchant of jolly and jovial temperament under whom young Ebenezer Scrooge apprenticed. Renowned for his merrymaking during the Christmas season, this astute businessman shows he is deeply interested in the welfare and happiness of his employees.  No doubt, the admiration and respect they have for their boss, motivates them to work even harder.

At least until the New Year, I’m in Fezziwig mode, resting on my laurels, under the dubious assumption I’ll work harder when January rolls around:

October 9th: I launched a nonfiction memoir collection, 100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s.


December 8th: Once Upon a Fabulous Time: The official launch of a co-authored anthology of reimagined fairy tales for grownups. My contribution—the novella, “Mr. Wizardo”.


While my merrymaking isn’t about taking a leap into the air with a quick switch in position of the legs, I’m navigating life at my own pace despite those rude awakenings that wreak havoc with your psyche. Having abstained from drafting my next Contemporary, I’m reading what other Indies have written. I’m also indulging in a Hallmark holiday movie every now and then, caught up in the contrived schmaltz.

Observing the scene of Fezziwig’s merriment signals the beginning of Scrooge’s emotional transformation to becoming a better man. Likewise, Fezziwig mode has enabled me to assess and prioritize what is really important in my life at this juncture.


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