“One for all, all for one!”

This belief sums up the spirit of a small group of diverse authors who formed our own collaborative, jumpstarted by a twist of fate in 2016, associated with Indie Author Day. Eventually, author/historian JB Richards did the honors of organizing the six of us into a cohesive bunch called the “Indie Fabs” also comprised of: Aliya DalRae, R.M. Gauthier, Lyra Shanti, Joanne Van Leerdam, and myself—Eva Pasco.

Besides collectively looking out for those elusive golden opportunities to market and promote our work, and offering mutual support and encouragement for each other’s literary endeavors—we believe in “paying it forward” by supporting the Indie community.

What a difference a year makes!

In addition to each of us having published several works meriting prestigious awards, Renee (R.M. Gauthier) initiated the idea of our collaborating on an adult fairy tale collection.  Birds of a feather, great minds think alike! The central, unifying theme of our anthology—Believe!

ONCE UPON A FABULOUS TIME (444 pages), which officially debuts on December 8th, is available for purchase now at Amazon as a Kindle Edition.

Special Release Price: $.99 until the 9th!

*Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077YTLZ7M

Dreams really do come true…if you believe!

Huzzah to each contributing author:

Aliya DalRae: “Bitter Beauty” and “Sweet Distraction” (A Felino Stivali Tale)

R.M. Gauthier: “The Melting Pole” and “Millie’s Story”

JB Richards: “The Dragon’s Heir”

Lyra Shanti: “The Star Maiden” and “The Nameless Curse”

Joanne VanLeerdam: “A Rose By Any Other Name” and “Where Darkness Lies”

Eva Pasco: “Mr. Wizardo”


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