On October 30th – a powerful storm knocked out power to homes and businesses across the Northeast, impacting the days which followed. Fortunately, the power in my neck of the woods was restored by 10:00 PM EDT on the 31st.

For nearly a period of 24 hours, I had no access to the Internet where social media is crucial for an Indie author’s visibility. Having no computer to work from also meant I couldn’t resume writing my latest work in progress, saved in documents.

One of those manual typewriters would have come in handy, even with their shortcomings revolving around ribbons and typos, necessitating one have Wite-Out correction fluid on hand. Having neither at my disposal, I proceeded to write out the remainder of chapter 9 and the beginning of chapter 10 in longhand on a legal pad. By nightfall, my black gel pen danced by the light of a lantern.

Looking back, I composed my debut Contemporary Women’s Fiction novel, Underlying Notes, in longhand each day prior to typing it in Word.

While I view writing in longhand as one way for an Indie author to weather a storm, the author greats of yesteryear had no other available options. A gel pen sure beats wielding and dipping a feather or fountain pen in an inkwell.

In REAL Time:

November 1st – This month’s issue of UNCAGED, a cool, all-things-bookish magazine, features several Indie authors, including the innovative PJ Mann, Sci-Fi Queen/Indie Fab Lyra Shanti, and me—Eva Pasco.  I’m honored to be included among such great company.  http://issuu.com/cyreneolson/docs/uncagedbookreviews-issue16?e=25448873/54889863

November 6th: 8:00 – 9:00 PM EST –  My author takeover at The River of Time Launch Party (Nov. 5 @ 2 PM EST – Nov. 6 @ 11:59 PM EST), celebrating Sci-Fi author Lyra Shanti’s release of her final book in the epic SHIVA XIV series. I’m thrilled to partake in this event alongside other guest authors. http://tinyurl.com/y93wow8r



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