Besides pressing keys on a computer keyboard to compose a story—the stuff Indie author’s books are made of—it’s important to press the right buttons during the course of marketing on social media. So, we press buttons on Facebook in order to further our own cause or to support a fellow Indie: like, love, post, or share.

Pressing the right buttons has potential to increase the odds of book visibility in the public eye.

Even the wise guys in the cinematic Godfather saga acknowledged “button men”.

My Favorites Bar on the Internet home page has a slew of buttons for me to press for navigating cyberspace with the greatest of ease.

My favorite buttons to press are those which provide feedback:

My Authors Den Stats Page indicates the number of clicks per publication.

My Universal Book Links indicate the number of clicks per book. I find this an invaluable resource for checking the effectiveness of ads I’ve posted:

An Enlightening Quiche:

100 WILD Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s:

Newly acquired this week – Book Report!

Installing this button to your Favorites Bar will enable you to measure how your self-published Kindle editions and paperbacks are performing at Amazon. All you have to do is look up from your screen at any given moment to see the “dollar amount of sales earned for today”.

For Indie authors, it behooves each of us to press the right buttons for hitting our stride.


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