I hope my book soars

Higher than a kite

During its flight

(Inspired by “Rocket Man” (1972); composed and originally performed by Elton John)

Published on October 9, 2017, and officially launched on Friday, the 13th at the Indie Fab Festival in celebration of Indie Author Day on the 14th—my Nonfiction anthology, 100 WILD Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s, took flight.

 Kindle & Paperback @Amazon: http://myBook.to/100WILDM

There are no clear-cut directions for Indie authors to follow in piloting their book’s post-launch flight. Hence, it’s so easy to get lost in space and time.

My charted course of action this week:

I ordered custom-designed vertical postcards and signing pens incorporating my book cover image.

I entered my ‘60s memoir collection in two book contests:

ATAI (Authors Talk About It) 2018 Book Award Contest:


Top Shelf Magazine Indie Book Awards Contest:


I’ve emailed query letters accompanied by a press release to editors of several local newspapers in my state, hoping to procure a feature story.

Thanks to the fuel provided by reader interest, I’m grateful for the sales surge which helped my book overcome gravity and take flight this week.



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