First, I’d like to wish my fellow Indies a Happy Indie Author Day which officially falls on October 14th this year.

Since my life, as it pertains to an Indie, is that of a whirling dervish, these cliches’ come to mind besides the one in my blog title: seize the moment; strike while the iron is hot; burning the midnight oil.

An Indie author, I’m grateful for every golden opportunity, so strike while the iron is hot in procuring author guest spots to stay in the public eye. I’m honored to have a feature in this month’s issue of Indie Publishing News:

I’m striking while it’s hot to officially launch my nonfiction memoir collection—100 WILD Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s (published – October 9, 2017) during my author takeover on Friday, the 13th from 8-9 EDT at The Indie Fab Festival event on Facebook:

Then, the real work begins with marketing and promoting a new book on the block. As you might imagine, my cognitive wheels are already spinning in anticipation and preparation. Next week’s blog will be the bearer of that news.

In the meantime, I’m putting the pedal to the metal to accelerate—even if it means I must burn the midnight oil to accomplish my goals.


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