Perfect fits

Puttin’ on the Ritz

*(From a song written by Irving Berlin, first published December 2, 1929)

During the transition of summer into autumn, there were a number of book contests conducted within the Indie community to recognize read-worthy books in a wide range of genres. Those of us fortunate to win first, second, or third place have anxiously awaited our coveted merit badges to affix on our books.

On behalf of my characters in An Enlightening Quiche, I graciously and proudly display my badge commemorating the 2017 Summer Indie Book Award for “1st Place – Best Contemporary”.  Augusta has nudged me to proclaim the book an “Award-Winning Fiction”.   Definitely a nice ring to the bling!

A shout out to fellow Indie Fab author, Renee Gauthier, courtesy of RM Designs, for puttin’ on the ritz by affixing all the book bling my novel has merited since its first book birthday celebrated on September 20th, including a “Readers’ Favorite 5-Star seal” and “ATAI Fiction Finalist” badge. She not only did that, but created several banners too.

While I may not display my adorned book cover every day, on any single given day, I do cite one of my book’s achievements in an ad, along with the tagline, “Acclaimed Contemporary” or “Award-Winning Fiction”.

In my humble opinion, a published author’s finest achievement is that of enticing our target audience to read our book(s) and leave a review. Thus far, the carbon imprint reviewers have left behind for An Enlightening Quiche have bestowed the greatest honor of all!

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