An Indie author, I’m talkin’ about the rush of blood to the head which occurs when an Indie, metaphorically speaking, climbs to the top of Mount Rushmore—however or whenever that might be along an arduous journey to reach the summit of success.

In that regard, my sources for attaining a random, sporadic rush include:

A recent book sale

A new book review

An award:

An Enlightening Quiche recently won “1st Place – Best Contemporary” in the 2017Summer Indie Book Awards contest.

A feature author interview on blog radio:

DIALOGUE: Between the Lines with Susan Wingate – September 26th (10 – 10:30 AM EST):


Lo and behold, this week’s rush resulting from the ripple effect created by word-of-mouth in my native state of Rhode Island, which I attribute to author events at local libraries:

An acquaintance whom acquired a signed paperback of An Enlightening Quiche mentioned to me in passing that her mother happened to show her a book which she had signed out from the library. Mine! The gal then whipped out her own signed copy to upstage her mom.

I’m still feeling the rippling effect of that rush!

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