Augmenting what I previously revealed about my proclivity for “extracting pulp fiction from the enchanted forest of my wild imagination” since the age of twelve, as told in a previous memoir, “Write of Passage,” I’ll now forge ahead along my journey in “Write of Way.”

Resuming where I left off during adolescence, composing chapter stories in the genres of mystery and spy thrillers, I tunneled my way through teen angst by whipping up a romance novella. Comprised of 50 type-written pages on orange paper, I bound the tome with brass, round-head paper fasteners, and showed off a cover layout using magazine cutouts. Stoker earned its place on a shelf in the high school library. Due to its popularity, the copy took on a dog-eared appearance, much to my delight.

The rigors of college and the demands of a 29-yr. teaching career in elementary education imposed a stay of elocution from storytelling. Soon after retirement, I underwent a midlife renaissance which paved the “write of way” to fabricate my debut Women’s Fiction novel, Underlying Notes, whose protagonist parlays a fragrance addiction to confront her troubled past and redefine life after the age of 40.

A newbie published author, I prioritized increasing my visibility while adding to my credibility by binge writing my way out of obscurity. Having grown up in the Sixties, I drew upon those experiences to write my first Memoir, “A Mini Tribute to Twiggy,” and submitted it for publication at The Sixties Official Site. When the webmaster graciously invited me to write more, and offered to set up my own page there, I eagerly accepted and turned out a Memoir every week for approximately two years, totaling 100.  I then composed over two dozen “Retro 60s Flashbacks” to add to my repertoire at “The Sixties with Eva Pasco” –Far out! Celebrating over ten years on the web, earning the accolade, “Baby Boomer’s Top Choice Sixties Website,” I’m proud to be an integral part.

In conjunction with the setting of Rhode Island in my first novel as well as the upcoming second, An Enlightening Quiche, it inspired me to write ezine articles on glorifying my state’s classic foods, historic landmarks, tourist attractions, and cultural idiosyncrasies. Each essay posted for posterity at Authors Den is prefaced with “Rhode Read.”

Cruising along my “write of way,” I’ve developed the habit of blogging, and have faithfully published “Eva’s Byte” each week at Authors Den, having drummed up well over 100!

It behooves the unsung author to diversify above and beyond the scope of his/her genre, and to network with other authors who embark on their own arduous journey beset with detours and obstacles along the “write of way.”

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