An Indie author, my novel in the genre of Contemporary Women’s Fiction—An Enlightening Quiche—is just one of many overlooked four-leaf clovers in the field of books, along with yours.  So, it is all the more rewarding when readers “look over any one of our four-leaf clovers they may have overlooked before.”

Having piqued reader curiosity by whatever means necessary—free or paid ad—to click on the book link, perchance the blurb enticed them to take a leap of faith to make that purchase.  I tend to think their decision may be influenced by reviews.  Reviews not only contain previous readers’ opinions about our book, but they often provide insight and further details on content not revealed in the summary.

An avid reader who selects books written by fellow Indies, I’m constantly looking over other four-leaf clovers, those often overlooked, to read and review. It’s my belief that reviews make an Indie author’s pasture greener for attracting more consumers outside our network.

That mentioned, it’s an opportune time for me to introduce Indie Fab author/historian J.B. Richards’ monthly IHI (Indies Helping Indies) Book Review Project providing FREE “verified purchase” Amazon Reviews and Cross-Promotion for Indie authors through free promotional advertising on Twitter, and about 100 author/reader groups on Facebook.

Those Indie authors with less than 15 Amazon reviews can submit books for IHIBRP reviews posted at her Writers Block on the Yeshua and Miri website:

*At the end of each month, Jeannie will post a notification on her Facebook wall to let you know when she will be accepting new submissions. Once the IHI Book Review Project Submission notification is posted (usually on the last business day of the month around noon to 2PM EST), you may enter your book in the drawing at that time!

There is only one thing she asks—that upon completion of her duties to you, you heed her request to then turn around and surprise another fellow Indie author by paying-it-forward and doing them a favor (it can be anything such as a book review, author interview, spotlight feature on your blog, or book promotion) with no expectation of anything in return!

Through the endeavor of Indies helping other Indies, may each of our books be looked over, rather than overlooked.

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