Like snake oil salesmen, tin men (aluminum siding smooth talkers) and Avon sales reps, the Indie author hustles to sell books. While I may not knock on doors to peddle my wares, I’m tapping into social media.   Prior to publication of my second Contemporary Women’s Fiction novel, An Enlightening Quiche (September 20, 2016) and shortly thereafter, I’ve hustled with bustle:

Facebook author page launch party

Month-long blog tour with Pump Up Your Books

Facebook Author events

Paid ads on promotional sites that offer a subscription service for readers, providing recommendations for eBook purchases through advertising my book along with many others in its genre.

Seeing negligible results despite knocking myself out, I’m skeptical of most things in a market glutted with free and reduced to pennies-on-the-dollar book offers which only serve to deplete the author’s potential to sell books retailing for under five bucks to begin with. Mine is priced at $3.95 for 361 pages—so that’s my bottom line!

Currently, my minimal hustling is reserved to posting five daily Facebook ads in various free promotional groups. It’s catch as catch can for grabbing someone’s attention to click on the link and take a leap of faith in purchasing the Kindle Edition. It’s too far a stretch to bank on signed paperback acquisitions even at a reasonable price of $19.95 for a print book containing 550 pages.

Ads are just one aspect of the hustle. Hustling for publicity is another. In that regard, I’ve lined up a guest spot for “Author of the Month” in September at The Write Side:

I’m also getting psyched for two upcoming live radio appearances:

OFF THE CHAIN with Author and Radio Host, Yvonne Mason – September 9th (8-9PM)

DIALOGUE: Between the Lines with Susan Wingate – September 16th (10 – 10:30 AM)

As with most hustling endeavors, there are no guarantees for measurable success via sales, other than the certainty—“Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

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Authors Den:


Eva’s Novels at Amazon:

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