One Indie author among many who promotes in public forums, I strive for unique engaging ads with potential to garner clicks on my universal Amazon book link. This link enables me to gage its effectiveness on any given day.  If coming up with an original ad for one’s book isn’t challenging enough, I also find it necessary to distinguish my book in the genre of Contemporary Women’s Fiction apart from “Chick Lit”.

It’s a fine line because Chick Lit is genre fiction which consists of heroine-centered narratives focusing on the trials and tribulations of its female protagonists. The genre often addresses issues of contemporary women from romantic relationships to female friendships.

That fine line? Written in humorous and lighthearted ways.

While the female protagonists/narratives in An Enlightening Quiche—town siren, Augusta Bergeron—and historian, Lindsay Metcalfe, may interject sardonic humor, the story they weave is anything but lighthearted.

The Chick Lit pigeonhole itself conjures images of fluff and frivolity with book cover images of cocktail glasses, designer handbags, and stilettos. Whereas, Contemporary Women’s Fiction seriously tackles the hopes, fears, and dreams of females.  In my book—they’re flawed, feisty and over 40 years of age!

I like to classify my Contemporary Women’s Fiction as “Lit with Grit” or “Fiction with Conviction” because my novel embraces realism and portrays women who grapple with, confront, and overcome their personal dilemmas to become empowered in making profound life changes for the better. My novel is descriptive, introspective, and explores the gamut of inner conflicts: convention vs. rebellion; fate vs. free will; loyalty vs. betrayal; unbridled love vs. sacrifice; death–inevitable or tragic?

That mentioned, at Amazon, my book is listed under:

Women’s Fiction > Friendship

Women’s Fiction > Contemporary Women

Romance > Contemporary

Perchance, the book blurb and reviews will entice you to acquire “Lit with Grit”!



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