Waiting for the break of day

Twenty-five or six to four

Twenty-five or six to four

*(Lyrics from the song, “25 or 6 to 4,” recorded in 1969 by the band, Chicago)


My break of day:

July 19th – My Contemporary Women’s Fiction novel, An Enlightening Quiche, merited its 25th Amazon review one day shy of turning 10-months old.

Breakdown: Twenty-two 5-Star and three 4-Star reviews

I’m grateful for each unique review which offers valuable insight to potential readers.



Arguments: Twenty-five—less or more?


Don’t get hung up on reviews. Many bestsellers have few reviews when they hit hot. Sales are always going to be more important than reviews to Amazon. Around ten to fifteen reasonable (3.5 – 4 star) reviews and a few strong editorial reviews will do nicely. You don’t need 300 reviews.



Reviews immediately add credibility to your book, communicating to potential customers that it is a worthy read. They also improve your book’s ranking when consumers are searching on Amazon, which is the primary reason to stay committed to getting reviews. And that, hopefully, will translate into more book sales.


More, more, more!

 Purportedly, 50 is the magic number of reviews that triggers Amazon to start paying more attention to your book. After you hit 50, you gain more visibility on Amazon.


From my own experience, nothing generates more of a buzz on social media than when I post my latest 4 – 5 Star review for a book I’ve read, or post the latest 4 – 5 Star review my book has received. Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy money can’t buy, discounting the cash outlay for a verified purchase. Since reviews can make or break a book on Amazon, it behooves the Indie author to foster feedback from readers, as the pen is mightier than the sword!

*Doing my small part to help an Indie author rise above the ashes of obscurity by reading and reviewing—I’m currently reading Aliya Dal Rae’s Sweet Discovery (The Jessica Sweet Trilogy) (Vol. 2) in the genre of Paranormal.


Who are you reading?

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