Who’s there?


I hear you knocking—please, come in!

Though Opportunity may knock but once, to my surprise and delight, it knocked three times for me this week!

In real time:

July 1st – I discovered that I’m a semifinalist along with so many other impressive authors for this month’s “Golden Box Books Quill Award”.  A shout out to fellow Indie Fabs: Aliya Dal Rae, JB Richards, and Lyra Shanti whose books are also represented.  If you’re inclined to vote for my Contemporary Women’s Fiction novel—An Enlightening Quiche is number 8.

All you have to do is click on the link and enter a number as a comment. That said, you can vote for more than one entry, but you can vote only once.  I placed my votes for these books which I’ve read and reviewed: #1 (Sweet Vengeance); #9 (Shiva XIV); #21 (Miriamne, the Magdala).

Link: http://www.goldenboxbooks.com/golden-quill-award-contest-winners/congrats-to-the-semifinalists#comments

July 2nd – Taken by surprise because I never submitted a book review request, my novel received a wonderful review from esteemed author/blogger/reviewer Roy Murry:


July 5th – My exclusive book interview on “The Authors Show” went live for the third time since it aired originally! Packed into this 15-minute, fast-paced segment, I delve into what I deem is the single most important idea in An Enlightening Quiche —letting go of the past! I hope you’ll lend me your ear:


May Opportunity knock more than once for every Indie author who has a story to tell and sell!

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Eva’s Novels at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Eva-Pasco/e/B00HWMLHL0

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