Since the recent installation of a new computer hard drive, I’m still deleting documents no longer relevant, and sorting others in folders. An Indie author who composes weekly blogs pertaining to “the life I’ve chosen” –perverting a Hyman Roth quote from ‘Godfather II’—I disclosed how diligence and persistence are daily requirements in striving for public visibility .

“Eva’s Byte #114: The Loop” – “In a loop, out of the loop, and back in the loop on social media after the spin I was in!

Alas, a silver lining in my cloud!

Like poking around in an attic, rummaging through long-forgotten items stored inside a trunk for safekeeping, I come across a document titled, “Rumbles”—a collection of jagged thoughts prompted by the unforeseen. Compiled in 2010, these random rumbles represent shorts I’d submitted to an online magazine whose readership catered to women over fifty.  Suffice it to say, the magazine is now defunct.

Nevertheless, I salvaged one of these rumbles which has withstood the test of time for personal relevance:


Pajamarama is all about seceding from society and hanging around in your favorite PJs all day, or for as long as feasibly possible within the cozy confines of home. Adding ambience of magnitude, a rainy day is an ideal prerequisite for self-imposed exile. By no means, should pajamarama be associated with wallowing in self-pity, regardless of one’s extenuating circumstances.

Then, as now—seven years after I penned this rumble—I’ve yet to spend the better part of a day lounging in my pajamas. Still, I can dream…

For starters, I’d ignore the internal clock which awakens me by five every morning to jump out of bed, turn on the computer, and start my exercise routine. Instead, I roll over to catch more shuteye.  Then, sufficiently rested, I get up to grab something to eat.

In the spirit of pajamarama, rather than prepare a healthy breakfast, I grab a few cookies to suffice for my breakfast in bed. I prop myself against two fluffed pillows and proceed to solve crossword puzzles. Perhaps, I’ll snooze.

A little more ambitious by noontime, I do not hesitate over whether to fix myself a sandwich or treat myself to ice cream. My bowl of Moosehead Lake Fudge accompanies me to the sofa in the living room. I plop on the couch and work the remote as I settle back to take in a Lifetime channel movie.

Bang the drum ever so slowly in sync with lethargy!

Normally thriving on work, I totally understand why I’ve never practiced pajamarama. After all, I don’t have to wear pajamas to enjoy my just desserts!

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