Science Fiction author, Pamela Schloesser Canepa, had a childhood full of travel and moving, fueling her writing of poems and stories to provide entertainment for long trips. After a while, her family settled in the southeast. Writing provided an outlet for private thoughts and emotions for years, until she decided to self-publish fiction in 2016. Pamela’s genres include science fiction, paranormal fiction, and poetry of all types. The Made for Me series was Pamela’s first published fiction series. Her first full-length novel, Detours in Time, is due for release on 6/16/17.  Currently, Pamela is working on a sequel to her time travel novel.

Eva Pasco: I first became acquainted with Pam through a Goodreads group around the time she published Made for Me (#1), a futuristic Romance in the genre of Science Fiction (September 2016).  Up until then I’d taken a leave of absence from social media prior to publication of my second novel. I took Pam up on her offer to join a couple of author support groups on Facebook, and we’ve kept in touch.

I’m delighted to cast an author spotlight on Pam and her upcoming novel:


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Detours in Time pre-order and buy link:

Detours in Time blurb: Feisty Tabatha, a struggling artist, and Milt, an awkward Science professor set off on a journey to the future. What was supposed to be fun soon turns quite intense when they make discoveries about their future selves and end up on other “detours.”  The two set events into action may save one life, yet destroy another.  Can these friends of completely different mindsets agree on a course of action?   Can Tabatha stick to Milt’s rules of time travel?  Both Milt and Tabatha struggle to witness and not participate in a place and time that is not yet their own.

Amidst the backdrop of a future that reveals great wonders and horrors, Tabatha (Pinky) and Milt must resist the temptation to use discoveries from future technology to aid them when they return to the present. Detours in Time starts as a fantastic escape and grows to present many moral dilemmas and surprises that can either destroy the strongest bond or bring two people closer.

What inspired you to write Detours in Time?

My long walks with my dog always spark my imagination. On a pleasant walk, I can look up at the sky and imagine flying to another planet.  On a hectic walk, he is chasing some creature that’s smaller than him; this is what fueled my ideas of hybrid animals.  I also believe that parts of this book reflect my anxieties about the what-ifs.

What makes you enjoy writing Science Fiction?

Note the aforementioned word, “anxieties.” I tend to get anxiety, as many of us do.  I recall a time in life when I noticed that certain sci-fi movies caused me anxiety.  Then, I realized, these movies always ended with someone emerging a warrior and a survivor.  That’s part of the pull of Science Fiction, I think.  It imagines all the possibilities, no matter how horrible, and then creates characters that can withstand and overcome them.  I mean, look at what mankind has already withstood.  It seems that Science Fiction has the potential to make us stronger.  It also has the potential to be more accepting, particularly social sci-fi, something that I touch on in the Made for Me series, my first published books.

Do you plan to write in any other genres?

Yes, I believe I will dabble in paranormal fiction. Again, it entertains those “what-if” ideas, and I have them all the time!

What type of books do you like to read?

Well, of course, Science Fiction. I also like alternative History, Paranormal, Women’s Fiction, Mystery and Crime Thrillers.

Tell us more about this summer’s new release.

Detours in Time is a Sci-Fi, time travel adventure.  Writing it started out as a nice vacation for me, and then it grew more tense and suspenseful.  In writing it, I grew close to the characters, and I am writing a sequel while I get ideas for even a third in the series.  I added in a few side characters in order to further develop the character of Tabitha, and now there’s a family of people that I am concerned with, in her present and her future.  I’ll stop before I give too much away!

Detours in Time Book Excerpt:

“Do you remember telling me once, Milt, that all possibilities existed within any given moment, but the possibility we get to live is the one we choose?” 

 He nodded.  “Yes, I was explaining the theory of multi-verses.”

  She went on, “And that all other possibilities still exist, we just won’t live with them in our reality?”  He nodded again.

  “Maybe that’s the case with Brandon, and his parents.” 

 Milt turned away, his mouth turned down at the corners.   If this was the closest he ever would get to losing a child, it sure was painful enough.  And to think, it was all his own doing.  Why did I even need to go there anyway?  He thought.  Why did I HAVE to know?  What the hell is wrong with me? Now I get the knowledge that I may have screwed up that very future, that dream of what might have been.   For it was all just a dream, wasn’t it?  The future did not exist yet.  All they had seen, was a future based on a trajectory of events projected from the moment they left in 1997.  Obviously Pinky was still able to be optimistic about the future to come, and how it may have been altered.

*Early readers have called Detours in Time “captivating” and “unique.”

Detours in Time officially releases on 6/16, this week! Pamela has planned a Facebook launch event that promises to be interesting and fun.  Join the event on her author Facebook, found with her social media links below:

Detours in Time pre-order and buy link:


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Amazon Author site:

 Find Pamela’s previously published books:






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